South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

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The South Dakota School of Mines & Technology (SDSM&T, Tech, or Mines) is a public institution of higher learning in Rapid City, South Dakota

Founded in 1885 as the Dakota School of Mines, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology offers degree programs in engineering and science fields. 2,311 students were enrolled in fall 2011. The school athletic teams are called the Hardrockers.
The campus is located on the eastern side of Rapid City, on the northern slope of small foothills of the Black Hills. South Dakota Tech currently has three residence halls: Connolly Hall, Palmerton Hall, and Peterson Hall. Connolly was built in the 1940s, Palmerton in the 1960s, and Peterson Hall in 2004. The three combined can house up to 660 students on-campus. After completion of Peterson Hall, March Hall and Dake Hall (both built in the 1950s) were demolished in 2006 to make room for additional parking.

Opening the same year as the school, the Museum of Geology collects, conserves, curates, interprets, and exhibits paleontologically, mineralogical and geologically significant objects and serves as the repository for such objects from South Dakota and the Northern Great Plains. The public exhibits of the museum have been housed since 1944 in second floor of the then newly completed O’Harra Building, while the preparation laboratories and collections are held in the James E. Martin Paleontology Center, constructed in 2009.

Active Fraternities on campus include Alpha Chi Sigma, Delta Sigma Phi, Theta Tau, and Triangle. Sororities include Alpha Delta Pi, Lambda Chi Alpha, and Alpha Omega Epsilon. Student government organizations include the Resident Hall Association and the Student Association.

Student media organizations include KTEQ-FM (the campus radio station) and “the Aurum” (the campus newspaper, formerly known as “the Tech” and then “the Raver”). “The Aurum” is the original name of the school newspaper, first published in November, 1901. The newspaper changed its name back to “The Aurum” in January 2010. The campus radio station, KTEQ, was started in 1922 as a low-powered AM station, left the air in 1955, and returned as the FM-station KTEQ in 1971 and airs a freeform programming format.

Amplify College Ministries, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Lutheran Campus Ministry, the Newman Center, and United Campus Ministries are some of the many Christian and religious groups operating on campus. Service organizations on campus include Circle K and Gamers for Service.

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