Soka University of America

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Soka University of America (SUA) is a university located in Aliso Viejo, California, United States. The university’s mission is to “foster of a steady stream of global citizens committed to living a contributive life,” with an emphasis on principles of pacifism, human rights, and the creative coexistence of nature and humanity. It has a graduate and an undergraduate program.

A much larger and older sister school, Sōka University of Japan, is located in Hachiōji, Tokyo. SUA encompasses a four-year liberal arts college and an ESL Teaching graduate school. SUA hosts the Pacific Basin Research Center and the academic journal Annals of Scholarship. The school is noted for being in the top 3 in terms of freshman’s happiness in the United States.

SUA literature claims a 9:1 student/faculty ratio and an average class size of 13.

  • The undergraduate college offers a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts with emphasis areas in Environmental Studies, Humanities, Social & Behavioral Sciences, or International Studies. Classrooms typically use seminar methods.
  • The graduate school offers a Master of Arts degree in Educational Leadership and Societal Change.
  • The Pacific Basin Research Center supports research on the humane and peaceful development of the Asia-Pacific Region, including the Latin American border states. It awards grants and fellowships to researchers studying public policy interactions in the Pacific Rim in such areas as international security, economic and social development, educational and cultural reform, environmental protection and human rights. The Center also sponsors campus conferences, occasional lecture series, and student seminars that extend and support its research activities.
  • The academic journal Annals of Scholarship has been edited at SUA since 2005, when Humanities professor Marie-Rose Logan joined the faculty. Annals of Scholarship promotes the study of the development of methodological and historical criteria in all the disciplines with an emphasis on the interaction between Art Practices and the Human Sciences in a Global Culture.


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