Prescott College

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Prescott College is a private liberal arts college in Prescott, Arizona

Prescott College was founded in 1966 with the motto: For the Liberal Arts, the Environment, and Social Justice. It is a non-sectarian, non-profit organization which has a student body (resident and limited-residency) of roughly 1200, and an average student to faculty ratio of 7:1 in the on-campus classrooms.

There are four general degree/delivery model programs at Prescott College: the Resident Undergraduate Program (RU), Limited-Residency Undergraduate Program (LRU), the Resident Masters and Limited-Residency Masters Program (RM/LRM), and a Limited-Residency Ph.D. program (PhD) in Sustainability Education.

Within the resident undergraduate program, students can earn a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies, or a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, Visual Arts or Interdisciplinary Arts & Letters.

Resident students live in Prescott and attend classes at the college itself. Those enrolled in the Limited-Residency program work with various mentors and Prescott College faculty. PC was an early adopter of Prior Learning Assessment and in 2014 was certified a Veteran Supportive Campus by the Arizona Department of Veterans Servicesβ€”the first private college in AZ to receive such a designation. Regularly ranked a top college by US News, Princeton Review, Huffington Post, Sierra Club, Winds of Change Magazine, and, a top college for classroom discussion.


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