North Carolina State University

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North Carolina State is located in Raleigh, a short distance from the Research Triangle Park and the NC Museum of Art.

There’s a lot to do because we are in the city, you know, downtown is right down the street from us.

There’s a lot of bands out like to play downtowns. A lot of fairs always come to Raleigh.

The Durham Bulls is just a couple of minutes away from us. They can go see a baseball game.

You can find anything to do around Raleigh basically.

NC State’s large university sits on over 2000 acres of natural environment conveniently located near North Carolina’s Outer Banks and the Blue Ridge Mountain. With a student enrollment of around 32,000, NC State is the largest university in North Carolina. The student body is made up of 55 percent men, 45 percent women, and 22 percent minorities.

And your so diverse in like just the way they dress, to the way they sneak, and the way they act, it’s–people from everywhere ’cause the state is so big and they all come together and become friends.

North Carolina State has a highly selective requirement process. The middle 50 percent of students have an unweighted GPA of 3.3 to 3.7, an SAT of 1100 to 1300 or an ACT of 23 to 27.

We do have to be selective on our review process to select students that we think are gonna be a great fit and we want to put them in the best situation to succeed.

In-state students can expect to pay around 5,000 dollars in tuition and fees per year, while those heading in from out of state will pay closer to 17,000 dollars per year, plus additional fees of 4,500 dollars for room rent and 3,000 dollars for meals will be expected from those living on campus.>> Need a break from the book? Take the NC State Krispy Kreme challenge.

First, you run the 2 miles from campus to Krispy Kreme.

Then you eat a dozen doughnuts and run all the way back to campus, but you’ve got to do all that in just an hour.

NC State offers 110 majors including mathematics, meteorology, economics, political science, forestry, physics, and education. Some student favorites are engineering, business, and biology.

We’re gonna do a lot of cool hands-on thing. We mimic a production scale biopharmaceutical facility, so we actually take students into our facility and they produced biopharmaceutical product.

With over 2,000 faculty members, students are lucky to have a low student to faculty ratio of 15 to 1. Over 89 percent of the full-time faculty have their Ph.D. or terminal degree, and 17 faculty members are part of the national academies.

It’s a big college, I’ll say. But if you take the time to go talk to the professor, they’ll take the time out and help you with what you need. So, I’ve had very good experiences with all of my professors. I know them all on a personal basis.

The NC State Wolfpack competes at the Division I level as an Atlantic Coast Conference founding member. North Carolina State University supports 24 intercollegiate varsity sports that have won 8 national, 2 NCAA, and 2 AIAW championships.

Game day is when you really see how big NC State is. You really don’t notice it until you go to a football game or a basketball game because you see just everybody out celebrating, you know, for one cause to have us win, but it’s a really good experience.

30, 33 percent of students live on campus in one of 20 different halls or apartment-style buildings.

The freshmen dorms are hall-style, so it’s one long hall and then share a big bathroom to everybody.

Every year they have a competition between Tucker Hall and Owen Hall where they just go out, play lasso games, play volleyball, and whoever wins gets to name the beach.

NC State offers over 400 student organizations, 250 study abroad programs, 42 Greek organizations, and 47 club sport including the very popular Ultimate Frisbee.

You know, one thing we say here in the North Carolina is sky is the limit. Really, you can do almost anything. We also had every type of intramural sport which are one of my favorite. I actually play in the intramural basketball league, so we get to play with other students, and that’s really fun, so they all kind of see the students and let them know that you’re around more than just in your professional setting.

Agriculture, we eat here in the Brickyard. I learned how to lasso. Also, they have a cow here that has a hole in its side. That was interesting ’cause you can stick your hand in there and feel the stomach, so I will say that’s something that I’ll never forget ’cause I’ve never seen that before in my life.

Time to shack up for a good cause. Shack-A-Thon is NC State’s Habitat for Humanity’s annual fall fundraiser. Habitat for Humanity and many other student organizations take over the campus Brickyard by building shacks that the students live, sleep, and study in for the entire week.

Some people made ping-pong tables out of plywood, things like that. They get creative with it. They make chairs and it’s a very cool thing to see.

Each group raises money by collecting from people walking through the Brickyard. Shack-A-Thon was started with one shack in 1991 and has occurred every year since. Do you think you could survive? I bet you didn’t know that an NC State alum is the vision behind the plasma TV.

You have an inventor, Donald Bitzer to thank when you’re watching your fave shows in high desk.

So if you are looking for a university with a close-knit community and educational challenges, check out North Carolina State University at

Thanks for joining us here in the Raleigh, North Carolina on our tour of North Carolina State University.


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