New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

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New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (also called New Mexico Tech, and originally known as the New Mexico School of Mines) is a university located in Socorro, New Mexico

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology offers over 30 bachelor of science degrees in technology, the sciences, engineering (including mineral engineering), management, and technical communication, as well as graduate degrees at the masters and doctoral levels. In one 2010 Newsweek article, New Mexico Tech is considered one of the best small science and engineering schools in North America. A recent National Science Foundation study of Baccalaureate Origins of S&E Doctorate Recipients in the U.S. ranked New Mexico Tech as 15th in the nation, as well as the number one ranked public institution.

NMT hosts an annual Performing Arts Series that is free to students, and, along with the broader Socorro community, city, and county, supports a great number of special events each year. New Mexico Tech is located approximately an hour south of Albuquerque in a region of high deserts to subalpine mountains that offers considerable outdoor recreation opportunities, including rock climbing, road and mountain biking, a triathlon, and hiking opportunities. New Mexico Tech also hosts numerous active student clubs, a Part 15 AM radio station, and a biweekly student newspaper, Paydirt. The campus also includes an 18-hole championship golf course.

The campus population has historically been predominantly male, but it has moved increasing towards a balance between the sexes, with women now equal with men in most majors. The recently admitted class of 2013 has an overall male to female ratio of approximately 3:1, but this ratio is highly variable between departments.

New Mexico Tech has nine different halls/apartments for students: West Hall (Male Only), Driscoll Hall (Female Only), Torres Hall (Co-Ed), Presidents Hall (Co-Ed), Baca Hall (Co-Ed), and South Hall (Co-Ed), Ben D. Altamirano Student Apartments, Desert Willow Apartments, and Mountain Springs Apartments

The campus also has a 150,000 gallon outdoor swimming pool that goes from a depth of 4 feet to 11 feet. During the winter months, it is covered to allow swimming to continue during cold weather.

Each summer, NMT hosts the Summer Science Program, which teaches astronomy to high school students.


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