Monroe College

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Monroe College is an American for-profit college in New York State with campuses in The Bronx, New Rochelle, and Queens

Monroe College also has a campus in the Caribbean nation of Saint Lucia. The college is named after James Monroe, the fifth President of the United States.

The college offers Associate and Bachelor’s degrees in accounting, business, information technology, health services, law enforcement and cookery, and, through King Graduate School, four Master’s programs.

Students at the school are 64% female and 36% male; about 48% are of black or African-American ethnicity and about 44% of Hispanic or South American origin.

The college’s business organization, Students In Free Enterprise, has consistently competed and won the national title for two year schools. The team now competes in the tradition 4 year division.

As of 2005, two thirds of the college’s enrolled students were female. The school doesn’t offer degrees traditionally associated with college, such as English or Economics. For example, math classes only go up to calculus. It is a for-profit vocational school accredited by a regional body. Skills taught are more geared towards those that will be used in the workforce, such as learning Microsoft Office. According to New York Magazine, the school costs twice as much as the nearby City University of New York and has a much higher. The newspaper said that by 2009, 9.2 percent of students that joined the university in 2006 were already in default in their loans.


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