Mitchell College

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Mitchell College is a liberal arts college notable for its Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, Sport Management, and Business Administration programs that grants both baccalaureate and associate degrees

Located on the banks of the Thames River, in New London, Connecticut, USA, Mitchell College was founded in 1938 on the former estate of Alfred Mitchell. Its campus offers such amenities as on-campus housing (including four multi-level, dormitory-style buildings and four residential river houses), a cafe, ice cream shop, preserve area known as ‘Mitchell Woods’, multiple playing fields, and a beach.

Mitchell’s 68-acre campus sits in a scenic, historic residential section of the city and is divided into two distinct parts. The lower campus, from the stretch of sandy beaches of the Thames River to Montauk Avenue, contains most of the College’s academic and public buildings and the waterfront residence halls on Pequot Avenue.

The upper campus (to the west of Montauk Avenue) contains the four large residence halls, the gymnasium and the athletic playing fields. The upper campus also includes Alfred E. Mitchell Woods Park, given to Mitchell College to maintain as a recreational preserve for the public as well as for its own students. The park includes a pond, hiking trails, two baseball fields, sand volleyball court and tennis courts.

On the 75th Anniversary Founder’s Day, September 19, 2013, Mitchell College officially opened a Study Lounge for Service Members and Veterans. Located in the DuquΓ¨s Center in the heart of campus, the lounge offers a dedicated space for veterans and service members to meet, study and relax.


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