Meredith College

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Meredith College is a liberal arts women’s college located in Raleigh, North Carolina

Meredith College has about 2,000 undergraduate students and 300 co-ed graduate students in evening programs. Meredith is the largest college for undergraduate women in the southeastern United States. 89% of students come from in-state. Since 2000, Meredith College has hosted Governor’s School East each summer. Over 80 majors, minors, and certificate programs are offered at Meredith, as well as licensure, graduate, and pre-professional programs. According to the The Princeton Review, the most popular majors are Business Administration/Management, Interior Design, and General Psychology. Upon completion of a major, students can receive a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Music, and/or Bachelor of Social Work. Graduate students can receiveMaster’s degrees in business management, education, Master of Arts in Teaching, or nutrition. The John E. Weems Graduate School is coeducational. Undergraduate students who wish to study engineering can participate in a five-year dual-degree program, whereby they can receive degrees from both Meredith and North Carolina State University’s College of Engineering. To do this, students must major in either chemistry or mathematics at Meredith. Through this arrangement, students receive a B.A. from Meredith in chemistry or mathematics and a B.S. from NCSU in engineering. The college’s Undergraduate Research Program supports student/faculty partnerships for the purposes of academic research and creative activity in all fields. College funds support these projects and underwrite travel costs for students presenting their work at conferences. The college hosts an annual one-day research conference in April to present work of Meredith students.


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