Indiana Univ Purdue Univ Indianapolis

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Indiana Univ Purdue Univ Indianapolis (IUPUI) is the premier urban campus of Indiana University and Purdue University in Indianapolis, Indiana

Indiana Univ Purdue Univ Indianapolis offers undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees from both universities.

IUPUI is one of seven campuses of Indiana University and includes two Purdue University schools. The campus offers more than 225 degrees provided by 21 different schools.

IUPUI has more students from Indiana than any other campus in the state, the largest number of underrepresented minorities in the Indiana University system and the largest population of graduate and professional students of any university in Indiana. Almost 75 percent of IUPUI classes have 25 or fewer students.

With research expenditures of nearly $275 million in 2013, IUPUI is the second-largest site for research in Indiana.

Sustainability efforts began at IUPUI in the early 1990s with the development of a paper-recycling program. In 2005, the efforts became more formal through the development of an interdisciplinary campus coalition, with the formation of the IUPUI Office of Sustainability in 2011. The Office of Sustainability was formed to create a culture of campus sustainability and to make IUPUI a place where students, faculty and staff are engaged in research, teaching and learning about urban sustainability and its best practices.


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