Hamilton College

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Hamilton College is a private liberal arts college in Clinton, New York

Hamilton College was founded as a boys’ school in 1793, it was chartered as Hamilton College in 1812. It has been coeducational since 1978, when it merged with its sister school of Kirkland College. Hamilton is sometimes referred to as the “College on the Hill”. Hamilton was 15th among “National Liberal Arts Colleges” in the 2015 U.S. News & World Report rankings.

Hamilton currently offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in any of over 50 areas of concentration. Additionally, Hamilton students may study abroad. The College runs programs in China, France, and Spain, as well as domestic programs in New York City and Washington, DC. Hamilton is well known for its “open” curriculum, for which there are no distributional requirements; students have nearly total freedom over their course selection. Grinnell College, Brown University, Amherst College and Smith College are other institutions with such a policy. While there are no distribution requirements, students do have to complete a quantitative and symbolic reasoning requirement (which can be fulfilled through courses in a variety of departments), a writing requirement (for which students must take at least three writing intensive courses). The college has long adhered to an academic honor code. Every student matriculating at Hamilton must sign a pledge to observe the Honor Code, and many examinations are not proctored. Hamilton has been part of the SAT optional movement for undergraduate admission since 2002.

Hamilton gives applicants different ways to meet the Standardized Testing Requirements, including a choice of SAT I, ACT and combination of three SAT IIs. For the Class of 2014, of those who had high schools that ranked, 80% of the students were in the top ten percent of their class. Among those who submitted SAT I scores (majority), the average was 1410 for combined reading and math, and 710 for the writing section.

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