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Hey guys what’s up, you’re watching Youniversity TV. Today we’re at Clemson University. Let’s go to campus.

Clemson University is located in the foothills of South Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains in the town of Clemson.

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“They come to Clemson not simply because it’s a beautiful place and a wonderful place to live and go to school but the knowledge and education is only the beginning here.”

The lakefront campus is 295 acres of botanical garden put against a lush back drop of mountains and forests. So if you’re into the outdoors this is the place to be. Lake Hartwell offers plenty of boating, kayaking and rafting and the Blue Ridge Mountains are right over there.

“We’re halfway between Charlotte and Atlanta, it’s a hour out of Greenville with its bustling downtown area, wonderful place to eat, go to the theatre and see sporting events.”

“People who don’t know much about South Carolina, the weather here is amazing, you do have all four seasons, you do feel fall, spring, summer. It does get pretty hot here but if you’re ready for hot weather this is definitely it but if you want some cold weather we have that too.”

Clemson University
Clemson University campus

There are over 17,000 students enrolled at Clemson, 73 percent are first year students from instate and 27 percent are out of state including foreign students from 89 countries.

Many of you may not know that Clemson University got its start as a military college and they encourage all their students to be a model cadet. What that means is that they were good citizens, they contributed to society and they could achieve their own personal goals. Those values still hold true today.

Admission to Clemson is an academic decision being primarily based upon the credentials that are submitted with a student’s application.

Fifty two percent of incoming freshmen are in the top 10 percent of their high school senior class. On average the middle 50 percent scored a 1140 to 1290 on their SAT and 24 to 29 on their ACT.(7 ways to score a 36 on your ACT)

Tuition and fees are between $9 and $10,000 if you’re from South Carolina and just over $20,000 if you’re from out of state. Tack on about $6,000 extra for your room and board.

Clemson University students can select from 70 undergraduate and 100 graduate degree programs offered by five colleges.

“Here at Clemson I’ve taken a variety of classes. Everything from marketing to math but even interesting classes like white water kayaking, Frisbee, meditation and relax, I’m actually in a triathlon training class now so tons of different opportunities even things that I never thought I would take classes in.”

Find out if you qualify for the Clemson National Scholars Program Scholarship. You can receive full tuition and fees plus a laptop, five week study abroad in the UK along with many other opportunities. Don’t slack here, only about 15 scholarships are handed out.

The Scientist Magazine ranks Clemson University number 1 for places to work in academia.

“I definitely believe Clemson has prepared me for the future, I mean it’s one of those things that you don’t really know until you get out there but I’m an intern this summer in Boston Massachusetts on for a Fortune 500 company and it was an amazing opportunity where I really did feel like I was using some of the skills that I learned in my marketing classes.”

There are 1,086 full time faculty members at Clemson University. Eighty six percent hold a PhD or equivalent degree and the student to faculty ratio is 14 to 1.

“The professors that I have are phenomenal, they really do want to get in touch with the students, they hold office hours every week, do some things outside of the class if they got to just expand on things that have been going on in the class.”

“It’s more than a classroom setting, better than just sitting behind a desk and taking notes while the professor lectures. You’re able to get involved in the process. You can work on you weaknesses and your strengths here.”

“We’ll make jokes in the class, but the bottom line is that we learn and we get a good solid education here.”

Clemson University Athletics (Tigers) 19 varsity men’s and women’s sports teams compete in the NCAA division 1 of the Atlantic Coast conference.

Clemson’s sports teams love to win and they’re well recognized for their victories. Check this out, 18 Clemson students have gone on and become Olympic medalists.

The energy and atmosphere that’s here on a home game weekend is indescribable. The whole campus turns to orange, the population it kind of explodes, it is not just a four hour event, it is a weekend long event when the Tigers have a home game.

Adrenaline will course through your veins as soon as the cannon fires at the first rounds of your Clemson Tigers, then the band starts to play Tiger Rap and the football team runs down the grassy hill with thousands of orange clad fans cheering them on.

CLEMSON TIGERS, fight Tigers, fight Tigers, fight, fight, fight.

41% of students live in university housing, your choice of traditional style living areas with communal or suite style bathrooms or apartment housing with unfurnished living areas, a kitchen, bedrooms and a shared bathroom.

“Living in residents hall is certainly a great experience, the dining halls are so close you can walk to get food anytime you want. You are right in the middle of the campus so right on the campus where everything is happening from the friends that you meet, the opportunities you have and the ease and access to the library, other parts of the campus that you have are great when you live on the campus.”

There are 315 clubs and organizations on campus including sports and intramural clubs and 8 student run media organizations.

The first week after campus housing opens in the fall you’ll see students sampling the local fare at the Welcome Back Festival. It’s a street fair located on College Avenue where students get a taste of what local restaurants have to offer.

So if you’re looking for a top tier research university that offers big time science, engineering and technology programs without sacrificing the social environment of a small college, Clemson is a must see for you.

Well Tiger fans, we hope you had an amazing time with us on our journey to Clemson University.

Thanks for joining us here in Clemson South Carolina. Go Tigers.

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