Birmingham Southern College

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Birmingham Southern College- Video, Rankings, Info

Birmingham Southern College

This is YOUniversityTV and today, we’re at Birmingham Southern College, which is a private, four-year liberal arts school founded in 1856, and affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Birmingham Southern College is located three miles west of downtown Birmingham, Alabama, which has been noted as one of the livable cities in the US.

“Downtown Birmingham is, I would say, two minutes away. It’s really close, and it’s really nice because there’s a lot to do at Five Points.”

“There’s Homewood, there’s Vestavia and Hoover. And then there’s also the Center of Downtown, so there are a lot of concerts and there are a lot of restaurants to go to.
Definitely plenty to do in the city life. ”

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Birmingham Southern’s campus is known as the Hilltop, since it’s situated on 192 rolling, wooded hilltop acres.

Birmingham Southern College enrolls more than 1300 students from 30 states and eight foreign countries. Women make up 51% of the student population, compared to 49% men.

I’d like us to be a little bit larger than we are now at 1,800 to 2,000 would be a good size, that scale. You can be too small, there’s no question about that. You know, a young man or young woman breaks up with a, a boyfriend or girlfriend and, you know, they’d like not to see them every five seconds after that.

We are a semi-selective institution, where we will admit about two-thirds of our applicants. The average student here with us comes to us from high school with a 3.3 grade point average, a 26 and a half ACT, and around a 1200 SAT. (Find out how to Ace your ACT)

Tuition at birmingham southern College for all students, including fees, room and board, books and other expenses runs approximately $32 to $34,000, depending on which room and meal plans are selected. The bell tower stands in the heart of campus at 85 feet tall, and it sounds five minutes before class to make sure students can arrive on time. BSC currently offers five bachelor’s degrees in more than 50 programs of study, as well as interdisciplinary and specially individualized majors and dual degree programs. Some of the most popular majors include Biology, Business Administration, English, Psychology, and collaborative Education and Education Studies. BSC also offers a four-year graduation guarantee that ensure students graduate within four years if they satisfy certain guidelines.

“Classes here are, are much more difficult than high school, but it’s really not about the, the work. It’s really about your work ethic and about the individual. If you have the right work ethic, then Birmingham Southern Collegeyou can achieve your goals.If I could change one thing as a freshman, I would take some of those pre-requisite courses and really adjust to the campus and adjust to your lifestyle, because there’s so much going on when you get here.”

Birmingham Southern has a very low 12 to 1 student to faculty ratio, and more than 96% of the full-time faculty members hold either a doctorial degree or the highest degree in their field.

“The faculty is fabulous. The faculty is one of the reasons that I came to, to Birmingham Southern. We all share a passion, which is the students first.”

“In the business area, in particular, we are accredited by ACSB International, which is a senior accrediting body for business programs anywhere in the world, which means that the faculty in business and accounting at Birmingham Southern meet the world standards for the best quality faculty that you can find.”

Twenty-one men’s and women’s Panther athletic teams compete at the NCAA Division 3 level in the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference. Six residence halls, one apartment complex, six fraternity houses and six sorority town houses give Birmingham Southern students choices for modern, on-campus living. And 85% of students live on campus.

“My freshman year I lived in Cullen Daniel, and we had a nice coffee shop and the Cellar, which is like a small convenience store, and we always could go there for food and if we ever needed anything, and that was really convenient. You always have friends here on campus, so if you’re not in need of doing homework, you always have someone to hang out with.”

“I’ve met some of my very best friends. It’s kind of hard to believe that I’ve only been here for one semester.”

birmingham southern College has more than 80 student organizations on campus allow for growth and development, in addition to what’s being taught in the classroom.

“I’m involved in College Democrats and WILD, which is Women in Leadership Development.”

“I’m a Southern Ambassador, so I help give people tours.”

“Intramurals are what I do to try to stay in shape.”

“I’m also a member of a sorority, Kappa Delta.”

“I’m also an RA on campus.”

Birmingham Southern grads include a Pulitzer Prize winning writer, a prize-winning playwright, Broadway actors, bank CEOs, nationally recognized positions, a U.S. Senator, and even the long-time manager of the Police and Sting. Here’s a cool fact. The CEO of Regent’s Bank is a BSC alum, so the bank donated 100 of these bikes to leave all around campus for students to pick up and share. So I’m going to take this bike, drop it off at my next destination and someone else is going to take it away. If you’re looking for a nationally recognized, liberal arts college in a quaint setting while offering all the amenities of a large metro area, be sure to check out Birmingham Southern College today.

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