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Belmont University

Hello, everyone. YouniversityTV’s taking a tour of Belmont University.

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, this is where you’ll find one of the two best music business programs in the country. Belmont University is located in the heart of Nashville, also known as Music City, U.S.A., and the capital of Tennessee.

“I love Nashville. I love the youth and the life of it here, and me being a singer it’s, there’s no better place to be than Music City, Nashville.”

Later additions are contemporary in style, and the whole campus is connected with flower and tree lined paths, and lots of grassy areas. The downtown Nashville scene is only a mile and a half away, and it’s a nice walk.

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“The wild life and the natural environment of Belmont is absolutely gorgeous. It’s said that the squirrel to human ratio is three to one. There are always fresh flowers on campus, and the campus looks beautiful, and our grounds keepers do a really good job of keeping it that way.”

Admission to Belmont is selective. The typical freshman has an average, unweighted high school GPA of 3.5 and is ranked in the top 25% of his or her class, with an average ACT of 26 and an SAT of an 1170. (how to score a 36 on your ACT)

Belmont operates on rolling admissions, and that means that as applications come into us, once they become complete, generally speaking within about a four or five week window, students can expect to get a response back from Belmont. A complete application would involve, of course, the application itself, a confidential letter of recommendation, a Secondary School Report form from a student’s high school counselor, official high school transcripts, SAT or ACT, we’ll take either one, and then if a student wants to submit additional letters of recommendation, that’s perfectly fine as well.

Belmont is a private institution. Tuition runs the same for both in and out of state students. Count around $20,000. Add around $8,000 for room and board and roughly $1,000 for student fees, making your total cost for the year just over $29,000.

Well, if you’re looking to get into the music business, like graduates Trisha Yearwood and Brad Paisley, then you can come to Belmont. You can study music, you can study classical piano, the options are endless.

And to help you with your business development, you can join one of the hatcheries that are part of the Entrepreneurship Program on campus.

Belmont is a Christian institution with a Baptist heritage, and all faculty members must be Christian in order to teach here. Some 65% of the faculty hold a terminal degree, and approximately 30% have completed formal studies beyond a master’s degree.

One thing I love about Belmont is that there are small classes, so all my teachers know my name, and you really have a nice relationship with all the teachers.

I like to get to know the students inside and outside of the classroom. Get to know what he or she is passionate about, what they want to do with their career.

This is a place where the faculty care about the students. They want to teach. That’s why they’re here. They’re here to teach first and foremost.

The Belmont Bruins participate in Division I of the NCAA as a member of the Atlantic Sun Conference. There are 15 sports for men and women, and men’s basketball has made the NCAA tourney each of the last three years.

There are eight residence halls and three apartment complexes.

I actually have lived in a dorm since I came here as freshman. The dorms are really comfortable, and the rooms are absolutely huge compared to the other universities that I visited. What I liked about it was the fact that if you’re in an apartment or living off campus, you don’t really get to meet as many people when you come as a freshman, and being able to meet all these people and be in close proximity to them, you develop some life-long friendships just in the first couple weeks at being at Belmont just because you’re really close to these people. Residential programming that’s offered so that everyone can get to know everybody, and then there’s fun things to do that kind of get you plugged into other campus organizations.

Belmont offers over 80 organizations and clubs, including intramural sports.

If you want to shoot some hoops, play some racket ball or do some rock climbing, the Beaman Student Life Center is the place for a work out.

That’s up there.

Belmont has had the pleasure of hosting the CMC Awards and a Presidential Town Hall Debate. And you may have seen the holiday extravaganza, Christmas at Belmont, which airs every year on PBS.

Being at Belmont University was music to my ears. For YouniversityTV, I’m Chloe.

And I’m Lavonne, and thanks to y’all for joining us in Nashville. See you next time.

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