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Bellevue University is the Largest Private University in Nebraska.

Hello, everyone! Thanks for catching up with us. I’m Lavonne Harvey, and I’m going to take you guys on an exclusive tour of Bellevue University. Home of the Bruins. So, let’s go check it out. Bellevue University is located within the greater Omaha area Just minutes from campus are comedy and music clubs, a world renowned zoo, 7,000 acres of parks and more golf courses than you’ll ever find in any other area of this size.

With it being so close, oh, see just 10 minutes down the road from Omaha, which is a big city. There’s, there’s everything to do there, really. I mean, you can go and watch any sort of games, ice hockey, I’m into basketball games. Well, pretty much even on campus a lot, we go to watch all the sports games. So, we do find things to do.

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Bellevue’s sprawling suburban campus is nearly brand spanking new. All of the structures have either been built or renovated since 1991, giving students up to date facilities. Bellevue is Nebraska’s largest private university, with almost 8,300 student’s total, and roughly 5,900 undergrads.

“There, there’s a wide range of different internationals, and I find it interesting, like especially in classes of the different cultures. Even within my soccer team. It’s very interesting meeting new people and new, new ideas. So, yeah, there’s a wide range of international students.”

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“To become an undergraduate enrollment student, we have an open enrollment policy. So what that benefits the student does is they don’t have to take any formal testing to be admitted here. As long as they’ve graduated from high school, or even could be a high school student, they could come to school here. Now we do encourage and recommend placement testing, but it’s not mandatory.”

All students can expect to pay rough $5,500 a year in tuition. Bellevue University offers more than 20 traditional undergraduate majors. The most popular are Business, Information Technology, Art, Communications, and Physical Education. Graphic Design is also a favorite. The classroom for these students is run just like an office. They work on everything, from logo development to websites. And, oh, yeah, don’t forget about your deadlines.

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“We try to make each project as close to real world as, as possible, keeping in mind that students have other classes and lives outside of school. We stress deadlines. Everything has to be technically sound, just like you would on a real job.”

The university employs 84 full-time faculty members. About half have a PhD or a terminal degree. Plus, most instructors have worked professionally in their field, most times opening doors for students and giving them connections in the real world.

“Professors are great. Anytime that you have a question, you can, they give us their cell phone numbers, so we can call them any time with questions. That way we don’t feel like, like oh, my god it’s a weekend and I have a question about this homework, and we just call the professor, hey, we have a question about this. Can you help us? And they’re always there to help us. So that is great.”

The Bellevue University Bruins compete in the Midlands Collegiate Athletic Conference of the NAIA, and are consistently ranked amongst the nation’s elite. Producing numerous NAI Academic All Americans, two NCAC Commissioner’s Cups, and the big win at the NAIA Baseball World Series.

“I think the school spirit is very good here at Bellevue. We attend, you know, all the other sports teams games, as much as we can, and they attend ours. So, I mean its fun to get to watch each other play.”

Bellevue University does not offer student housing, but you’re sure to find a flat in town. Need that extra day to catch up, or maybe just even to take a breather and relax? Well, you’re in luck, because students at Bellevue get a big bonus. Friday’s at this university are absolutely free. I’m talking no school, no class, absolutely free to do whatever you want. Think I’ll watch that TV. On those free days off, get involved in one of Bellevue University’s available sports teams or many other student clubs or organizations. Work for four, play for three. Do the assignments, do the math, earn your degree and you’re home free. Go, Bellevue University! Well, our time is up, but I hope you enjoyed your college tour. So remember, if you’re looking for a top-notch experience at a great school, be sure to check out Belleview University. Now, I have to go before these things start to chime, and that won’t be good. So for YouniversityTV, we are out of here.

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