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Welcome to Bates College, right here in Maine, a.k.a. vacation land. Students come here to study hard in a relaxing environment. This is YOUniversityTV and it’s tour time. Bates College is located in the small twin cities of Lewiston-Auburn, the second largest metropolitan area in Maine. It is a short drive from the coast and skiing is less than an hour away.

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“We are located about 35 miles from Portland. We’re about 140 miles away from Boston, 340 miles away from New York City. We’re known as vacation land; we’ve got mountains, we’ve got lakes and rivers that are absolutely beautiful. In the fall, you’ll see just absolutely gorgeous turning of the leaves and things of that nature. In the wintertime, we have skiing; you know, in the spring. So, there’s always something to do throughout the entire year. Just the array of outdoor activities is almost numberless.”

Bates College campus spans 109 acres large with 600 additional acres, including the Bates-Morse Mountain Conservation Area, located on the coast 40 miles northeast. There are students from 46 states and districts, and 65 countries. 14 percent are under-represented minorities, six percent are international students, 48 percent are male, and 52 percent are female. The student to faculty ratio is 10 to one.

Bates College
Bates College campus

“My first year seminar, it was forensic science and within this particular course, the professor actually planted different evidence around the school and we had to go and find these evidences. One of the cases was arsenic poisoning, so we used hair and DNA and analyzed it through different microscopes and instruments.”

Bates College has a highly selective admissions policy. SAT scores are not required, but a personal interview is highly recommended.

Students, if you find that there are other aspects that you feel could better indicate how ready you are for Bates, by all means, you don’t have to submit your SAT scores. But, we find that many of our students actually do submit SAT scores because they do well on them. In addition to that, we also look for students who have a personal interview. In fact, we tell students right away that if you choose not to have an interview, you’re actually putting yourself at a disadvantage in the admissions process.

So, how much will a Bates education cost you? Well, according to my handy dandy guide book, all students can expect to pay around $50,000 per year. That includes comprehensive fees and room and board. Bates offers 32 majors with eight interdisciplinary programs, in addition to medical studies, pre-business and pre-law advising.

“And I like the fact that I can do a double major without interfering with football, and I can still play football.”

The top five most popular majors among students at Bates College are politics, psychology, economics, English, and biology.

“Everyone in our department does research. We all involve students in our labs. Students, starting even in their first year, can do research. My students will present their research alongside graduate students and others from big research institutions. That just makes me so proud to be able to see the students be able to do that.”

So, if you want to get involved off campus, the Harward Center is a great place to start. This is where the college meets the community, and our fabulous friend here, Megan Summers a senior, is going to tell us all about it.

“So, for a lot of our classes, we do have a service learning component, as well as a lot of students just want to be involved with the community. I actually worked with a service learning component in a history class I took this last year, working with a local museum in Lewiston-Auburn. We actually set up a traveling exhibit.”

Bates College employs 215 faculty members, and 100 percent are tenured, on the tenure track, hold their doctorate or a terminal degree.

“They’re really here to help you succeed. They’re very intellectual persons, people at the same time. They come down to your level and try to help you through any problems outside the academic realm or within the academic realm.”

Thirty Bates Bobcat teams compete at the NCAA Division III level. I’m getting a sneak peek of the beginning of the women’s field hockey team practice. Maybe I can find out what the new plays are looking like. Bates is also home to one of the oldest college football teams and college football stadiums in the US. [Inaudible].

“It feels like everybody comes out to the football games, really supportive. It’s a good, it’s a good feeling to be out here, and everybody’s cheering for you in the stands and everything.”

When it’s time to snuggle up, get warm and cozy and sit back and study, Bates College has 35 different housing options to choose from.

“My freshman year, I lived in a house and that was my first choice, and I really had so much fun meeting kind of all these different people from different backgrounds. But once freshman year is over, you will go into a lottery system and based on your number, you would choose your house from there.”

The Hickory’s live at spring, the Hickory’s live at summer, and the Doc’s live at autumn. The storytelling club is just one of more than 100 student run clubs and organizations on campus. There are also 12 club sports and 20 intramural teams to join.

“I started studying People’s Republic of China after I came here. I had never been interested or never had worked in that area before, and the college got behind me and provided me with the resources I needed for that change in the direction of my teaching and my research. And the same sorts of things happen for students. We have a very active study abroad program and it’s sort of, even though we’re here in Lewiston, Maine, it’s just this idea that while you’re here the world opens up to you, and you can pursue anything that you want once you’re here at Bates.”

“Even with a busy Bates schedule, there is always time for lobster. I’m here at Chickadee of Lewiston restaurant, and I’m ready to hone my Maine lobster eating skills, which I’m sure are lacking. Let’s do it.”

We’re back on campus because before we say goodbye, I wanted you to see beautiful Lake Andrews, nicknamed the puddle. If you want any more information on the opportunities available at Bates College, visit See you later.

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