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Picture this; palm trees in paradise. Well, today we’re touring Barry University. Barry University is located in Miami Shores, Florida. The campus is conveniently located between the cities of Fort Lauderdale and Miami, and it’s a day trip away to the Florida Keys, Orlando, and the Everglades. If you love the beach, then you’ll love Barry. It’s only five miles away from the sun, sand, and ocean. You can water ski, swim, and sail all year long.

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The fun; well, you are in Miami. The beach is just like, what? Five minutes down the road, in either direction you go. There’s lots of museums; use your student ID and get discounts at most of them. Restaurants, non-stop; there’s one everywhere. And, there’s always something to do.

Barry’s main campus is 123 beautifully landscaped acres, with academic, research, administrative and residential buildings. Barry enrolls over 5,000 undergraduates, with a community drawn from 49 states and 80 countries. Thirty percent of Barry’s undergraduates come from outside the state.

Barry University
Barry University campus

“Students overall at Barry, I mean, they come from many, many different corners of the world. We are one of the most diverse universities in the country, so that’s actually a wonderful thing here.”

Barry accepts applications year-round. Prospective students can submit SAT or ACT scores (7 ways to score a 36 on you ACT). Programs such as business and nursing may have special admission requirements, so it’s best to check the guidelines for your intended major at

“The admissions process is extremely easy. Simply, if you’re coming from high school, we just need three things: application, of course; your test scores, whether it’s SAT or ACT and your high school transcripts. And, if we have all three of those, we can make a decision with ten minutes if you’ll be accepted or not.”

Both in state and out of state students will pay about $25,000 for one year of tuition. Plus, more than 90 percent of full-time undergraduates receive scholarships or some form of financial aid.

“Barry University is a place where it gives students special attention. We have smaller classrooms, we have a diverse population. So, I think that they feel that they can find what’s important to them; things that they like and they feel at home here.”

Barry University offers more than 60 undergraduate and 50 graduate degrees. Some of the most popular are nursing, education, business, psychology, and communications. Sink into something unique; Barry’s outdoor pool is home to the Sport Management Diving Industry Program. It’s the only degree of its kind in the world.

Miami is a great hub. We dive anywhere from as far north as Fort Lauderdale/Pompano area and all the way down into the upper areas of the Keys. So, having good water year-round is a wonderful advantage to being here. And also, because we have Miami International Airport, we’re right at a major hub to travel all throughout the Caribbean.

84 percent of Barry University faculty have their PhD or the highest degree in their field. BU has a student/faculty ration of 14 to 1, providing students with small classes and personal attention from professors.

“You can always find your professors, you know, by calling them, e-mailing them, or going to their office. They’re always around; usually, they’re around. You’ll see them walking around campus or eating lunch; that’s the easiest way to find them. I had a professor who would give you her home phone number and you would call her any time of the day and she’d answer your question, or she’d return your call by 4:00.”

Barry students love this bird. Meet Bucky, the Barry mascot. He cheers on the Buccaneers as they compete in the Sunshine State conference. Barry is an NCAA Division II school and has 12 varsity teams which have won seven NCAA championships; three in women’s soccer, three in volleyball and one in men’s golf.

“Being a cheerleader was a lot of fun. It was a lot of hard work, but a big thing at this school is athletics. And like I said, I was an Exercise Science major, so spending a lot of time in that department and actually being an athlete on campus was a lot of fun.”

Barry University has eight residence halls that offer more than just a room, but a place to call home. Due to the yearly hurricane season in south Florida, Barry also has a highly effective emergency procedure, so you are sure to feel safe and secure.

“The Office of Residential Life is really, really nice; they cater to everyone. Like this year, I hear they’re going to have free laundry. They’re spacious. You can do a lot in there. The only thing you don’t have is like your own kitchen where you can cook, but they have a dining hall and they have other places on campus where you can get food to eat.”

There are more than 60 clubs and student organizations at Barry, including musical and dramatic performing groups, ethnic and religious clubs, Habitat for Humanity, the scuba club, and fraternities and sororities.

“We do something every year; it’s called the festival of nations, where we bring together all the cultures and all the different ethnicities, and we celebrate them. That’s what we all are about; we’re about one family.”

The rose and candle ceremony is one of the oldest traditions to date at Barry. The ceremony attempts to symbolize in word and song the deep bond of friendship developed between seniors and underclassmen. Seniors exchange a candle, a symbol of knowledge and wisdom, to an underclassman of their choice. In return, they receive a red rose; a symbol of love and friendship.

“Like how it says; Barry is where you belong. I truly and truly believe that, because it is where I belong. For myself, you have to make it where you belong and some people don’t get that. but I was like, dude or girl, you have to make it where you belong. Any university you go to, you have to treat it as if you didn’t go home and you didn’t like to leave home. Just treat it like that, be friends with everyone, talk to people and you’ll have a great time.”

So, if you’re looking for a university that combines quality academics with a personalized approach to education, then Barry University may be just the school for you. Goodbye from Barry University. It’s time to have some fun in the sun. I’m Nicole Aaron. Bye!

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