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Hey, guys your watching Youniversity TV where we put YOU in universities. Today we are at Auburn University, Home of the Tigers.

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Auburn University is located in–where else Auburn, Alabama. Auburn is 120 miles from Birmingham, 50 from Montgomery and 112 from Atlanta. Can you say road trip? Auburn has 1840 acres of traditional campus space. To put that into perspective, that’s over 1700 football fields. There are over 300 buildings and the campus is still growing.

Auburn University Tigers

This is Petrie Hall, it’s named of George Petrie who is Auburn’s first football coach and went on to become a geology professor here at Auburn. In 1956, he wrote something called the “Auburn Creed” which was really important to as now. There are a lot of lines through it that talk about the importance of education and hard work and things like that. And the final line is, because Auburn men and women believe in these things, I believe in Auburn and loved it. Auburn is a large school with an undergrad enrollment of over 20,000 students. 51 percent are men and of course 49 percent women. 35 percent of students come from outside Alabama and 13 percent are minorities. Auburn University sure does have a friendly campus. They have an annual tradition called “Hey Day” where on January 29th everyone wears a name tag and greets each other. You wanna be an Auburn University Tiger? Well the benchmark of incoming students is an average ACT score of 26.2 (Score a 36 on your ACT)  or an average SAT score of 1250 and a high school GPA of about 3.69. If you live in Alabama, you can be expect to pay about 7000 dollars a year for tuition while those coming from out-of-state will pay around 19,500 dollars a year. AU has more than 140 majors to choice from. Some of the things they’re best known for are Engineering, Business, and Architecture. Programs in Interior Design and Pharmacy are also highly ranked in the United States. Since I’ve been here at Auburn and gotten a really valuable education within in my major building, science new. We do a lot of stuff in class that is a very tangible. I may have been using right after school. Auburn University employs about 1100 full-time faculty members and 90 percent have their terminal degrees. Auburn has student to faculty ratio of 18 to 1. “Working with the faculty here at Auburn is really great because I think most of the Auburn faculty really come here and they stay here. They really love it.” “My professors are very available after class. They’re always willing to talk to you about–even just being like stress out with classes or just life in general as well as like academics, so that’s been wonderful.” Auburn University atheltics (Tigers) have 21 athletic teams at the NCAA Division I Level in the SEC. Auburn’s 9 men’s and 11 women’s varsity athletic teams, continue to achieve national rankings year after year “You’re not one of our students if you don’t go to the football games. I believe orange and blue going to the football games, it’s just a great experience.” “I’m here with Elizabeth and she’s gonna tell me about the tradition that happens here at Toomer’s Corner. So what happens?” “What happens is a bunch of students come out to the tree if we have any kind of victory in sporting event or any kind of victory on Auburn team is–students, alumni, little kids, it doesn’t matter. Everyone comes out to the tree and start throwing it with toilet papers to celebrate the victory.” Who wants to give it a shot? Okay. Auburn University knows professional athlete–such as two sport pro legendary alum Bo Jackson, who was made infamous for his Nike Bo Knows TV commercials. In order to accommodate their ever growing community, AU is added eight new residence halls to their 23 already existing dorms, creating more space for in coming students. “Don’t be nervous just come and find your niche. There’s something for everyone here. There’s over 300 organizations here and there’s–there’s an easy way to find, you know, what you wanna do. If you don’t find a club or organization you wanna be involved in, you can easily get that created by talking to the deans of students and get your own organizational charter here.” Plus 30 fraternities and 18 sororities to get involved in. Two of the most active are the Student Government Association and University Program Council. Wanna get involved? Auburn’s Glee Club gives you the opportunity to help out the community and interact with their students. Some of the top discoveries have come from right here at Auburn including a contact lens that delivers medication, bullet proof material, and a vaccine against the bird flue. If you wanna be part of a large school in the Deep South, rich in sports and academic opportunities? Look a little further into Auburn. Hope you guys had just as much fun as we did. Thanks for joining us here at Auburn University. Goodbye from Alabama. War Eagle! Visit the school website here Make sure to visit our College Tips to read our blogs and get you prepared. Get YOUniversityTV’s $5,000 scholarship subscribe and stay up to date with all new college videos and important blogs    

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