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Hey what’s happening Youniversity TV? Ttoday we’re at Ashland University, home of the Eagles. You’re ready to get a bird’s eye view of this campus? Let’s go.

Ashland University is in North Central Ohio, within one hour at Cedar Point and Mohican State Park where you can go hiking, biking and fishing.

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“For Ashland, Ohio, I think we’re in a rural area that sometimes is very nice because you can come here, you feel safe and you feel secure and be able to get out of the country if you want to. But yet, we’re only an hour away from Columbus, only an hour away from Cleveland, and only an hour away from Akron.”

Ashland University
Ashland University campus

“When you come in to Ashland, there’s a sign that says “Welcome to the Neighborhood of Nice People,” and it’s true because every time you come around here, people are always opening doors for you or just being out of the ordinary nice.”

See if you can spot all 22 of these eagles on campus. In 1941, they mysteriously found their way here from the Case Implement Company, who eventually gave the molds to the university. Ever since then, these Eagles have been keeping a watchful eye of their campus. The Ashland campus sits on the 120 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds. The flower gardens line the walk ways in the campus teachers’ several new facilities. Ashland has a total of about 6500 students. 10 percent are minority enrollment. 40 percent are men and 60 percent are women. The student to faculty ratio is 16 to 1.

Class sizes at Ashland University are roughly 12 students to 1 professor, and with that your professor gets to know your name. They know what’s you’re involved in. They know your strengths, your weakness. And really where to help you and how to help you the best that you’re gonna get.

Ashland University has a selective admissions process. The median incoming freshman has a GPA of 3.346, an ACT of 22, (Score a 36 on your ACT) and a critical reading in math SAT of 1040. Without the consideration of financial aids, students are looking at a total cost of about 3300 dollars a year. Ashland offers more than 60 undergraduate majors like Teacher Education, Finance, Political Science, Toxicology, and Entrepreneurial Studies. The educational program is one of the largest among independent in state institutions in Ohio.

Participation and research is one of its valuables to things that a science student can do here, to learn how to use the equipment in a way that goes beyond what you do in a class.

“Alright, so tell me about the student research you’re working on?”

“Well, right now–with the biology department and we’re working on fish eye proteins. And basically, what I do is I take the protein from one of these tubes and I spot it on a sample plate. And once that happens, I could take this plate and I put it in this machine over here and we can analyze the sample based off this machine.”

Ashland University students who’ve gone to graduate school have told us that in comparison to other graduate students in their class, they feel like they understand and know the instrumentation, as well as or better than any of their other students in the class.

“So is this helping prepare you for your future?”

“Definitely. Med schools and the plans and sometimes the med school application, you need something that gets you over edge and doing student research in summer is definitely on the right path.”

Here’s an incentive to visit campus. All incoming freshmen were interviewed at the admission office received a famous AU cookie. This secret recipe is made by their very own award-winning dining service.

“Food here is absolutely extraordinary. You will not find better food on any other campus than here, in my opinion. Of course I work here, but it is. It’s great food. Students will eat well and parents you don’t have to worry about your son or daughter going hungry.”

There are 232 full-time faculty members at Ashland University, 85 percent hold a PhD or terminal degree. I’m actually very excited about the education I’m getting here because I think it’s one of a kind. We really emphasize student-teacher relations and they genuinely care about the students here. It’s really nice ’cause you can go to a professor and, you know, ask for help and they really go out of their way to help.

Ashland University athletics (eagles) participate in the NCAA division 2 Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, and have a number of nationally ranked teams.

The school spirit is amazing. All the way up from the very tops of our president going to all of our athletic events and just being totally involved to the lowest to things student involvement where we have–we have Tuffy’s Troops to all the games. That’s our mascot Tuffy the Eagle. It’s kinda his troops that follow him around to all the different sporting events.

Feel like sleeping in? Do it at one of the 8 residence halls, senior apartments, the senior house, or fraternity houses. When you’re ready to get out and about join club sports, the Greek system or religious life programming, there are more than 100 student organizations on campus. If you build it, you will come. Field of Dream star Dwier Brown is an Ashland alum. Looking for a place to build your dreams? It’s not out of reach. Well thanks for taking a look with us through campus. Our tour is over but don’t forget to explore Ashland.

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