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Hello, everyone. Thanks for joining YouniversityTv and you’re just in time to join us in our exclusive tour of Arkansas Tech University, home of the Wonder Boys. Let’s get to it. Arkansas Tech University is located in scenic Russellville, Arkansas. Russellville is nested between the mountains of the Ozark National Forest to the north and those of the Ouachita National Forest to the south, midway between Little Rock and Fort Smith.

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“This area is probably one of the most beautiful areas of the country, and the opportunity for outdoor activities, the lakes, the mountains, the hiking, the canoeing, the good weather in the winter time. We do have to suffer in august a little bit for the heat but we live for the other 10 months of the year when it’s beautiful and we don’t have harsh winters, there’s lots of opportunity for recreation. We drove here, you know, you go 10 miles that way, you’re in the Ozark, if you go 10 miles that way you’re in the Ouachita Mountains, that’s very beautiful.

Arkansas Tech’s 516 acre campuses composed of 64 buildings. The Ross Pendergast Library and Technology Center stands out with a strong reputation as one of the most technologically advanced facilities in the region.

Arkansas Tech University
Arkansas Tech University campus

Check out this electrical breakdown wave launching apparatus. This big machine here can actually create lighting. Pretty shocking huh?

Arkansas Tech’s total graduate and undergraduate enrollment is over 7,500 students. 52 percent are female, 48 percent are male and 18 percent are minorities. Tech students come from every county in Arkansas, 30 states and 30 foreign counties.

Our admission requirements are moderate at Arkansas, actually require 15 and a 2.0 but our actual student body reflects a whole different variety and diversity. Our freshmen class average is usually range of a 29 ACT average and at 3.32o GPA average.(how to score a 36 on your ACT)

In-state undergraduate students can expect to pay approximately 10,500 a year including room and board. Out-of-state students can expect to pay close at 14,500 dollars.

I don’t know about you, but I love to stay in shape.

It’s only 10 bucks a semester here at Tech Fit ,that’s a good price.

Arkansas Tech University offers over 90 undergraduate programs, 31 minors, as well as associate degrees and certificates of efficiency. Some of the most popular majors are education, business, premed, engineering, psychology, and nursing.

Are you interested in emergency administration management? Well you’re in luck, because Arkansas Tech University is the only school with accredited program to give you that degree.

In fact, Arkansas Tech University is one of the few universities in the nation with ABET accreditation for eligible majors including computer information sciences programs.

“We’ve had students who’ve had internships, pretty much across the nation and students who’ve recently graduated are working in North Carolina, working in the state, working out of the state. The opportunities are definitely there for them. They get the knowledge and then they apply it and give themselves an internship which of course, helps them get a job.”

Faculty members come from prestigious schools through out the nation. And 71 percent hold a terminal degree.

“I love the professors here, I feel like we have a really good relationship. They are always available to help us with our academics, our planning, our–you know, our next step with our interviews and finding us internships, helping us to get jobs, networking. As always, the faculty here is really willing to help you take that next step forward after graduation.”

The Arkansas Tech University athletics Wonder Boys and Golden Suns participate at the NCAA division 2 level as a member of the Gulf South Conference. The women’s basketball program has won 2 national championships. The football tea has won 18 conference championships and men’s basketball has captured 16 conference titles.

“The Wonder Boys, our mascot, and its very, very unique mascot. I’m sure, it’s gonna take very unique award several times, but football games as people paint themselves, it’s just like a big school environment. But I mean it’s just as fun, like me last year, I’ve painted myself went to a football game. It’s really easy to get involved and it’s a blast, always a blast. A-T-U whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. A-T-U whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.”

Arkansas Tech University has 14 residential halls and apartment style facilities for students to select from.

“The benefits of living on campus is that, you’re right next door to your classes as well. So everything is walking distance. You don’t have to worry about the gas. You don’t have to worry about parking spots, where you’re gonna park that day. And also, if you happen to get up 5 minutes before class, making notes, crawl out of bed and go to class.”

Arkansas Tech University has over 100 student organizations and and recreational sports like mountain biking, the 5K fund runs and sports tournaments.

The women’s  5 on 5 basketball league champions won the regionals.

And we’re gonna participate at the nations.

Be a part of Tech TV, anyone can join. Opens 8 live TV shows a week that are on campus and around town.

Since 2001, faculty and staff volunteer as mentors for the entire freshmen class, known as the “brace to excellence.” This program is an addition to the academic advisers already assigned to all students.

“Hope you enjoyed your campus tour. But I must say all the sight seeing is making me pretty hungry. So I’m gonna grab a bite to eat, just make sure you feed your appetite for a great college experience by checking out Arkansas Tech University. For Youniversity TV, I’m Levon. Bon appetit.”

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