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Amherst College– video, rankings, stats

Amherst College is a private liberal arts college located in Amherst, Massachusetts

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Amherst College is an  eclectic college town of Amherst in Western Massachusetts.

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The Pioneer Valley is a great place to come for the outdoors. There is so much to do in terms of hiking like canoeing, rock climbing, whatever it is that you’re interested in.

Amherst is situated on 1000 acres of quintessential New England campus with rolling lawns, picturesque building, and check out that view.

Amherst College
Amherst College campus

Of the nearly 1700 undergraduates enrolled at Amherst college, more than 35 percent are students of color, 7 percent are international, and men and women are equally represented in the student body. But for all of these diversity international flavors, it still feels like a hommie place. The average class size is 17 and the student to faculty ratio is 8 to 1.

Amherst College is environmentally friendly and encourages it’s students and faculty to recycle.

It’s very difficult to get in to the school. Amherst College only accepted 14 percent of applicants last year. So virtually everyone that apply are very talented academically, and the distinctions that Amherst try to make are students who are truly committed to their intellectual or academic life. That’s a little bit harder to compare instead of just looking at SAT scores but that’s what the school tries to do.

The annual cost of tuition, room and board, and student fee is about 47,000 dollars for all students.

Amherst College meets the student’s full financial need and does not gap. More than 50 percent have financial aid and the average financial aid package is more than 30,000 dollars. In recent years, the college has eliminated all student loans. There you go.

“And so students from Amherst are going to graduate that free every step that  were fired off them. And we have a lot of other features. We have a startup grant for low income students. You’re able to export your financial aid abroad if you study abroad.”

“Through the Center for Community Engagement, I was given a large stipend to the past two summers to go off and pursue some internship that I was interested in. Two years ago, I worked for the American Civil Liberties Union in New York City and this past summer I worked for the Missouri State Public Offender and without the contributions of Amherst and specifically the Center for Community Engagement couldn’t have participated in those. And once I did, those internships had absolutely affirmed my interest in wanting to go to law school, just so excited, I can’t wait.”

Amherst offers 34 majors and programs. The most popular are English, Biology, Economics, Psychology, Political Science, History, and Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought.(Must read advice from your peers about transitioning to college)

Want the right to choose? At Amherst you can do exactly that. Their open curriculum program allows students to pick and select courses of every degree or contacts and does not require any core curriculum or general education.

In addition, students may also take courses for credit at any institution that belongs to the five college consortium. Opening up a whole array of other academic offerings.

So the five colleges are Amherst College, UMASS Amherst which is the flagship of the state university system, Hampshire College down the road, those three are all located in Amherst, and then there’s also Smith and Mt. Holyoke two all women’s colleges that are located within the 9 mile radius of Amherst. So they’re all pretty close.

And just so you guys know, when you got here, the bus system is free and it’s the largest system outside of Disney World.

The college employs 194 full-time faculty members, 180 hold their PhD or terminal degree.

Founded in the mid 1800, the Amherst Board [inaudible] Athletic Program is one of the oldest in the nation. In fact Amherst participated in the first intercollegiate baseball game in American history in 1859. Today, Amherst participates in the NCAA’s division 3, the Eastern College Athletic Conference, and the New England’s Small College Athletic Conference.

Amherst offers 37 residents halls with the options of singles, doubles, suites, and theme houses. All first year housing had been newly renovated.

“It’s very nice being in the campus, living in campus, everything is accessible, everything is here, being with your teachers, the library resources, you’re not to travel far for everything.”

There are about 140 student organizations at Amherst including a 70 student orchestra, six acapella groups, and a center for community engagement which coordinates Amherst’s community service and outreach initiatives.

The Museum of Natural History houses the Hitchcock collection which is the largest fossil track collection in the world and one of the most studied. Those lucky Amherst student.

Here are some brain foods. Amherst established the first neuroscience program in the country in 1973.

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