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Alcorn State University- video, rankings, stats

Alcorn State University is a historically black University in Lorman, Mississippi.

Hey what’s up?  This is Youniversity TV where we put you in university. Today we’re here at Alcorn State University, a 4-year public school famous for its family atmosphere and diverse student body. Let’s go on a tour.

Alcorn State University is located at Alcorn, Mississippi about 40 miles from Vicksburg, 40 miles from Natchez and about 80 miles from the capital city of Jackson. ASU is also minutes from the mighty Mississippi. The river runs just four miles west of campus. Alcorn State’s main campus sits on 1700 scenic acres blending older architecture with new facilities in a harmonious mix. ASU also has a second campus in Natchez, Mississippi.

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There are students here from 31 other states and the District of Columbia, students here from 14 foreign countries.

Alcorn State University enrolls around 3600 students, about 3000 in which are undergraduates. Men make up roughly 40 percent of the student body compared to 60 percent women.

Anyone with a 3.2 GPA or higher can be admitted to the university without regard to test score if their GPA is in that core curriculum. Less than that, 2.5 to 3.1 that–the policy only ask for 16. Below 2.5 then the policy ask for an 18 test score. For Mississippi residents they can not actually be denied in admission. If they’re graduates from a Mississippi high school then they have a book for admission to the university.

Alcorn State University
Alcorn State University Campus

Tuition for Mississippi residents including room and board is a great value at around 9,200 dollars per year. For out of staters, that figure rises to about 17,700 dollars per year. “Don’t let school get you in debt, Read this

We have students from as far as India, in South America. We have some students who were right off the street and especially as student coming from the north to the south, we have students that have their–a whole different language, I guess we’re speaking. You can only find somewhat everything here.

Alcorn State University offers 45 programs and degrees. Some of the student’s favorites are biology, elementary education, business administration, general studies, and sports medicine. In fact, the school of nursing has a nurse managed family clinic of their own.

“Our freshmen are required to take a class called, university [inaudible] isn’t than the history of Alcorn. It also gives them all the offices and then we have a very intense orientation. So they–I’ve run through every office here at Alcorn, every support service, students support services, they help with scholarships and stuff like that. And students like my self who come from low income housing or families that first generation students, they help them to get a constant university life.”

Alcorn State University has a relatively small class sizes giving students a great opportunity to meet with their professors on a one on one basis. 59 percent of the teachers have their PhD or terminal degree and 31 percent are tenured.

“I have an open door policy, anytime a student can catch me is the right time.”

We indicated and they would, you know, do their best to stick all that knowledge in your head and just, you know, get you in the way to professional school, graduate school, or anywhere you wanna go after that.

Athletics are a large part of campus life here at Alcorn state. 14 men’s and women’s athletic teams compete at the division 1 level in the southwestern athletic conference. And ASU’s football team, compete at the division 2 level.

Student wishing to live on campus and stay close to classes have five women’s and three men’s residence halls available to them.

“Your life here, in my opinion, is absolutely great. You don’t have to really worry with the monthly bills with living off campus. Alcorn have a very active student body. There is something here for everyone no matter if you play a sport, an instrument, or if you just play cards, there is something here for you.”

At lunch time the Alcorn Cafe is where it’s at. Students not only stop by to grab a bite to eat but there’s music and events organized by campus fraternities and sororities.

Speaking of music, one of the biggest highlights of the year comes each spring with the hosting of the ASU Jazz Festival which was launched all the way back in 1981 and brings in some of the best worldwide jazz musicians. Did you know that Alcorn State has one of the largest marching bands in the US?

Thanks for joining us here in Alcorn State Mississippi on our tour of Alcorn State University.

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