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Albright College- video, rankings, stats.

Albright College is a private, liberal arts college.

We’re here at Albright College, which is a 4-year private school and is home of the Lions. Albright is historically affiliated with the United Methodist Church, but the faculty and student body encompasses virtually every major religious belief. Albright College is located in a residential neighborhood of Reading, Pennsylvania, which is the city of 80,000 located in the heart of the northeast. About an hour and a half from Philadelphia, two and a half hours from New York City, and three hours from our Nation’s capital. Albright’s 118 acre campus is located at the base of Mount Penn, and its facilities range from restored 19th century buildings all the way to a 21st century fitness and wellness center.

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If you got some extra time before or after class, come work out some stress in the Schumo Center for Wellness and Fitness. Albright College enrolls over 1600 students representing 30 states and 26 countries. Minority and international students make up about 20 percent of the student body. First thing that comes to my mind about Albright College, is diversity, and how people can get to know each other really well, like through classes, through clubs, through fraternities and sororities, student government association. It’s really helpful. If you’re interested in applying to Albright College, listen up. The college is for selected institution accepting just over half of its applicants for admission. The admission committee focuses principally on curricular rigor and grade point average, and not on standardized test scores. (How important is your GPA??) “For us, the most important clearly is high school performance. We will base the majority of our decision on your–at what we call high school performance of the student. And that means your overall grade point average in which the average student has about a 3, 2, 3, 3 academic GPA. It also means the strength of the curriculum that the student has taken–their high school rank and the reputation of the high school. So if your grades are strong, your chances for admissions are strong here as well.”Albright College The tuition cost including fees plus room and board is the same for all students at approximately 35,000 dollars per year. 80 percent of Albright students are able to take advantage of lower cost through the school’s need based financial aid program plus numerous merit based scholarships and awards. “The hip-hop course, I taught for the first time 2 years ago as a result of my desire to see students. I guess takes some ownership of their abilities to critically analyze literature and how students see themselves as part of this generation. Reinforcing or trying to work at debunking some of the stereo types that cross gender lines and racial lines.” With 36 majors, 8 minors, and 4 preprofessional programs, Albright students have options to make the most of their future. With average class sizes about 15 to 20 people, students are assured of individualized attention. Some of Albright’s most popular major include Business Administration, Sociology, Education, Biology, Psychology, Fashion, and History. The college had to restore commitment to interdisciplinary education, meaning that about half of Albright students graduate with double or combined majors and allowing them to design individualized programs and study to best meet their educational interest and career goals. Brent Hurley, a former student of Albright College is the first full-time employee of YouTube. He actually helped seal the deal, the 1.65 billion dollar sale of YouTube to Google. Over 100 highly qualified faculty members are employed at Albright College. And with an extremely low student to faculty ratio of 13 to 1, they’re able to get to know their student on a first name basis and enhance their learning experience. “The faculty at Albright College feels like an extended family, perhaps because we’re here so much. But I think what’s–to me, what so special is they’re always here. They’re always–their doors are always open, students are always in talking to them.” 20 Men’s and Women’s  athletic teams compete at the NCAA division 3 level in the Middle Atlantic Conference, which is considered by many to be the most competitive division 3 conference in the country. Albright has 8 residence halls for students. All first and second year full-time students not living at home are required to live on campus. Watch out on your birthday, because it’s a tradition to get thrown in the Sylvan pond. When it was redesigned, they actually made it deep enough to keep the tradition going. Looking for stuff to do outside of class? There are more than 80 clubs and organizations available to Albright students including 18 fine and performing arts groups, as well as 7 national sororities and fraternities just to name a few. “Well I see you have some Greek letters, can you tell me about Greek life?” “Greek life is–are rather prominent on campus, I guess. There’s about 30 percent of the student population is in a Greek organization.” “Well, it’s social. It’s also about leadership and I would say about 99 percent of the Greeks on campus are also student leader either running an organization or heavily involved in their departments.” Some unique features of Albright College are state of the art facilities which include digital video and audio production labs, a topnotch teleconferencing facility, an optical physics lab complete with lasers, fiber optics, and photo detection technology and a molecular genetics facility. Ever play ooze ball? Well, if you come at Albright, you’ll witness it first hand. During the springtime, this area gets flooded and students play muddy volleyball right here. So if you’re looking for high quality education in a college that features cutting edge facilities and equipment to keep students highly competitive in the new millennium, be sure to check out Albright College today. Thanks for joining us here in Reading, Pennsylvania on our tour of Albright College. We’ll see you real soon. Visit Albright College website here Make sure to visit our College Tips to read our blogs and get you prepared. Get YOUniversityTV’s $5,000 scholarship subscribe and stay up to date with all new college videos and important blogs


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