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Adelphi University is located in the heart of Long Island. Just a short distance away from beautiful beaches and only a 45 minute train ride from New York City.

Adelphi University offers tickets to go see Broadway plays for 30 — only $30, which is a huge discount. So we definitely take advantage of that. They even take you to the city and back, like I just go a weekend, like, two weeks ago. I’ve seen Hair Spray, Phantom of the Opera, Le Mis, like, all these shows and stuff with them.

Adelphi University is nestled in beautiful suburban Garden City, New York. A scenic 75-acre campus and also a registered arboretum.

We’re only maybe a five block walk from the Long Island Railroad. And that opens up all sorts of opportunities for our students. We have internships with MTV and publishing houses and financial institutions, and now students are routinely placed in those kinds of internships.

There are nearly 5,000 undergraduate students enrolled at Adelphi University from 38 states and 63 countries. 35% of the student body is male, 65% female, and 37% are of diverse backgrounds. The average class size is 21, with a student to faculty ratio of 10 to 1.

The students are diverse and motivated. And I love that. They bring a lot of different perspectives into the classroom, and they’re all really excited about what they do.

Looking to attend? Adelphi University students have an average SAT score of 1632, including critical reading with writing section and an average gpa of 3.4.

“Our admission standards are not just an SAT and GPA. Our admissions council literally read over 6,000 undergraduate applications every year. And that’s just for our freshmen. And they read everything that has been submitted with the application. Letters of recommendation, essays. They look at high school transcripts to find out what kind of curriculum students have been involved in. They read everything, and they make a very — I think a very holistic decision about whether or not we think that student is going to be a good fit for Adelphi.”

All students will pay annual tuition and fees at a price of about $28,000, and close to $10,500 room and board. Note to entering freshmen, 90% of you will receive some sort of financial aid or scholarship. And 88% of Adelphi undergrads receive financial aid. Adelphi University offers more than 50 undergraduate and graduate programs and eight schools and colleges. A few student favorites are nursing, education, and majors within the college of arts and sciences.

Adelphi University is also known for its performing arts. In fact, the school implemented the first dance program at an American university. So you can pirouette your way to the top.

One of my other teachers, [Inaudible] Meredith, she’s great. And she has, like, if you say her name as well in the city, everyone knows who she is. And that’s really good because that gives you credibility of who you trained with and stuff. She’s had me intern at Jennifer Muller The Works as well. Where it’s like I get to take classes at a professional dance company. So it’s really good.

Adelphi University counts 956 full time and part-time faculty members.

“What I originally loved about Adelphi was definitely small class sizes. Basically, there’s probably no class that’s larger than 25 students, even as an incoming freshman. So I loved that about the classes. You get to really personalize with your teacher.”

The Adelphi University atheltics (Panthers) have 21 division 1 and 2 intercollegiate sports, plus cheerleading and dance team. This is where the basketball team battles it out on the court.

With six residence halls on campus, including an array of special housing options, you’re bound to find your home away from home at Adelphi University.

“The reason we call them residence halls and not dorms, is because a dorm is somewhere you sleep. And residence hall is where you actually have a community. So what we really try and emphasize is that you really know the person who lives next to you. And get to know all the people. And teach them about, like, the arts, the theater arts, and other countries, and get them — keep them updated about what games are coming up. Because like, in the residence hall I live we have a little bit of everything. It’s very diverse.”

AU has more than 80 clubs and organizations, including campus media organizations, seven Greek letter social sororities and fraternities, community service organizations, and social action clubs.

“They definitely have a lot of programs. One thing I like about the school a lot is that, like, during homecoming week or welcome back week, they plan tons of events that are always free to students. On the quad that we have, just a big area of grass, they have different events. And they’ll have, like, those blow up activities. One time they had a drive in movie with a blow-up screen. And they gave out free blankets and free popcorn. And it’s just a really nice time. You can connect with all the other students.”

“I’m actually the advisor of the math and science club. And do all sorts of activities. We have game nights and movie nights. We’re going to be going on some trips this semester. That’s a lot of fun.”

I can’t wait to hear Seasons of Love. Today’s students are performing Rent, written by Adelphi alum Jonathan Larson. The show’s about to start, so I’m going go grab my seat. For Youniversity TV, I’m Jessica. We’ll catch you next time.

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