Writing Research Papers in College

Writing Research Papers in College

By Maria Fernanda Rada, YOUniversityTV Student Contributing Writer from Lynn University – At any regular liberal arts college you will be asked to write at least a few research papers. It doesn’t matter what you major you are in, your professor wants to make sure you develop the capacity to read and interpret information and make inferences from that information. This is a very important no matter what kind of job you decide to take. In college, the professor will present a few options to choose from to write an interesting paper. Research papers are long; waiting until the last minute to write them is your worst mistake. This the best way to get started:
Make a list of your favorite topics for a research proposal. Think about what motivates you, what keeps you curios, what makes you tick, do you have an organization you admire and you want to know more about in mind? Obviously they have to be within the framework set by your teacher or tutor but don’t hold back. Make your list as large as you like. This can be very stimulating and it keeps you informed about the different options you will have in terms of places to work in the future.
Now, even though you may have picked a lot of fun topics, your best bet is to pick the one that will be most useful. Remember, in college you must always keep your career plans in mind.How popular are these topics? Is there a plenty of research material linked to these topics? Only when you are sure you have plenty of background information upon which you can draw should you select your favorite topic. Let’s say you need to do research on a prominent business that has well reknown marketing strategy. Would you choose Coca-Cola or Snap Chat? Both are popular, but Coca Cola has experience doing great marketing campaign for decades , so maybe it would be a better option.
Start research with open source pages such as Google and Yahoo and if you wish to dig deeper choose scholarly articles from the library. Remember, you will only be able to use this fanstastic collection of books for the next 4 years, so you better use them!
If you are not able to find good books by yourself, use help from the librarian. They should be trained to know where the important info is!
If you can make a structured plan: Do you have a calendar? Write down the days and times when you will be working on researching and compiling information. If the paper is 8 pages max, then you woud dedicate at least one week to do this. You can write a resarch paper in two weeks if you plan to do the research and sampling of information, facts, etc for one week; and writing the paper in proper language for another week. Writing a little per day or every other day is the best way to finish a perfect jaw dropping research paper. Remember, impressions are key!


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