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Why Students Started To Use Paraphrasing Tools More Often: 5 Strong Facts

The act of paraphrasing reflects a person’s understanding of the original work. It is a skill worth mastering and not just for your academic life. Here, you restate the ideas of another, in your own words and still remember to acknowledge the source of that piece of information.

A suitable paragraph maker allows you to rewrite text while keeping the meaning of the original. Many students use such tools for short passages such as a paragraph or less. What drives students to use paraphrasing tools, you may wonder?

1. Avoid Plagiarism

When researching as part of the academic process, students often have to document their findings in writing. Since most of the content is derived from already existing materials, some may be tempted to, merely copy-paste the ideas, and that’s plagiarism.

In that, you use the ideas of another and don’t reference them correctly. However, it has dire consequences. That is when you submit another person’s work as your own without citing the source.

With paraphrasing, you get to take the main ideas from the source and use your own words to convey the same meaning.

2. Reduce the Use of Direct Quotes

Paraphrasing offers an alternative to using direct quotes, in academic writing. It is so because it is advisable that students use quotes infrequently, in their material. Since using direct quotes only demonstrate the knowledge of the original author and not your own.

In such an instance, you can use a concluding sentence generator, to rewrite your content, even if the conclusions made are similar.

3. Achieve Unique Content

The originality of any material is emphasized in every field. Thus, many students find paraphrasing tools helpful in creating work that won’t pass as a duplicate of another. However, proper paraphrasing doesn’t merely involve using synonyms in place of the original words.

One word could lose the meaning of the entire sentence. Paraphrasing tools give you ideal options to the synonyms you could use, to help you convey the same message as the original.

4. Need to Back up Arguments

Providing supporting ideas to the comments you share, give you much credibility. You can achieve this by paraphrasing or quoting. Using an introduction paragraph maker as you state the reasons for carrying out particular research, can prove useful.

In that, by paraphrasing, you show that you what the source is saying and that which you are referring to. Here, you have the freedom to convey the same idea but in the manner that you would like.

It is a way of adopting a material so that it suits your purpose.

5. The obligation to simplify considerable information

Part of the research process is to go through numerous articles that relate to your subject matter. Thus, one has to consume the vast amount of data. When you find something useful, you also need to include it in the final written document.

Paraphrasing helps students to simplify and compress such information, especially when you also have to share it with people who with a technical background, lower than yours. It allows you to immerse yourself deeply with the original work, as you try to make the content more palatable for other audiences.


There’s an increase in the number of paraphrasing tools online. For students especially, they find these tools useful, in their quest for knowledge and as they demonstrate their understanding of a particular subject, as discussed above.


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