“Where’s my decision?” – Admissions Advice from NYU

“Where’s my decision?” – Admissions Advice from NYU

January 1st.

Do you remember it like it was yesterday?

I certainly do. It was the day that thousands filled Times Square, watching the ball drop, celebrating the arrival of 2015, along with billions of men and women around the world. It was also the day that you began the next chapter in what promises to be a great adventure. It was the day you clicked “Submit.”

Within seconds, your application was gone, no longer in your hands, but in the hands of admissions officers around the world. By the time your application soared through space and landed at Washington Square, you joined the impressive collection of 60,322 men and women who applied for freshman admission to New York University’s Class of 2019.

While the release of decisions is approaching for those who applied for Early Decision II, the thousands who applied for Regular Decision are left waiting until April 1st. And I am fairly confident that I know what you are all thinking right now: “OMG, why do we need to wait? It totally cannot be that difficult to read applications! Why can’t they just read mine now and let me know!?!”

Well, it isn’t as simple as “yes” or “no.” We are sculpting the future of the University, as we are admitting not only the Class of 2019 but also the alumni who will forever be linked to NYU. So, you see, it can be quite stressful, and requires a lot of coffee, as little sleep as possible, and dedication.

To begin, it is important to know, we read applications regionally as opposed to reading for one particular school or college at NYU. It allows us to establish familiarity with particular parts of the United States – and world – which can assist us in our task to assess the fit of this year’s 60,000 plus applicants for the 230 academics programs in New York City. So, from Brooklyn to Bangkok, Maine to the Maldives and Ojai to Dubai, every corner of the globe is covered by a member of the admissions committee who is familiar with your hometown and high school.

And what if you moved from one part of the world to another? Well, we’ve got that covered as well, as applications are reviewed by multiple members of the committee. For example, I took a break from writing this post as my colleague Meghan, who reads for New England, asked me to take a look at a transcript for someone who spent part of high school in Australia, and part of high school at a boarding school in Massachusetts. Go, team work!

Throughout our first regional reads, we examine everything from your transcript and testing, to extracurricular activities, to your essays and letters of recommendation. As we conduct these reviews, we are constantly thinking about you and the potential role that you will play on-campus. How will you shape the Class of 2019?

Regional reads will continue for the next few weeks, before we transition to committee, which will certainly be blogged about by either myself or a colleague. But, in the meantime, as a closing thought before I return to reading files: to the applicants who have applied this year – you’re an impressive bunch! You’ve made me laugh, you’ve made me cry, and you’ve made me remember why I still love NYU as much as I did back on the day that mom and dad dropped me off at Goddard Hall for freshman year. You are global. You are urban. And you have inspired our office with your voices. We applaud you!

By Beau Benson, NYU Admissions


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