What You Need To Know About The College Application

What You Need To Know About The College Application

By Maria Fernanda Rada, YOUniversityTV – First and foremost, your high school transcript is the most important piece of any college application. How you perform as a student is a college is best indicator of how you will fare at their campus. Colleges evaluate your transcript by looking at the classes you select, the intensity of the high school track you are on, and how you do in these courses within the context of your school.
What is important
-College-prep courses
-Push yourself with AP or Honors-level courses
-Try to make your grades progress positively semester to semester 
-Choose interesting activities outside the classroom ( athletics, community service, clubs, employment)
-Awards and Honors you have received
ACT and SAT scores are pivotal for a lot of schools, but if you feel like standarized test taking is not your style check fairtest.org. Here you will find a list of 850 universities that do not require you to submit test scores. or are test score optional.
 The Common Application
 1) Biographical Information: name, address, importnat numbers, parental info, and so on.
2) Transcripts: the grades you have earned form ninth grade on, including summer school, community college courses you may have taken, etc. (If you took high school classes before high school, such as an advanced math or language in eighth grade, you will also get credit for those classes most likely on your high school transcript,but not always-so check with your school counselor.)
3) Standardized Test Scores:
(SAT,ACT, and in some cases,SAT Subject Tests, TOEFL, AP scores, etc)
4) Brag Sheet/Student Resume:
A list of everything you have done after school, outside of school, on the weekends, and in the summer: clubs, community service jobs, internships, other activities, sports, summer experiences, honors and awards earned, and hobbies and interests. Time commitment should also be included.
5) Teacher Recommendations ( usually two, one from math/science and the other from history/foreign language/English)
6) Personal Interview:
(not always offered;by alumni or admission officer): be prepared and do your homework before the interview. Know why you want to attend that school. Bring questions, and be sure to write a thank-you note to your interviewer afterwards.
7) Personal Statement
(and additional writings for many schools that can include short answers, paragraph answers, etc
Sometimes schools also ask for:
8) Supplemental Recommendation:
(sometimes requested from a  friend, employer, religious leader, or someone else who knows you well)
9) Graded school paper
You may be asked to submit a piece of schoolwork with your application.Don’t throw away any strong high school writing assignments or projects with good grades and teacher comments.
10) Prepare a music or art portfolio
If your college requests one. Also, be prepared to audition for dance, drama, or music if your college offers or requires auditions. If you cannot attend in person, some schools will allow video or website submissions. Check with your institution for requirements, dates and locations (portfolio included).


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