Want to Earn in Six Figures after College? Here are Tips for You


Graduation is the time for having profound realisations, of looking back to your college days fondly, and for gearing up for the rude awakening that awaits at the end of the line – there are barely enough jobs to incorporate the thousands of graduates every year. The scenario gets scarier with each passing year, but is finding a lucrative job that promises you millions that very hard to find?

Here are the best tips to help you land a high-paying job right after you graduate that is sure to take care of that student loan and make you earn in six figures as a fresher.

1. Proceed with a plan

Do not simply sign up for a major because it felt cool to do so or because your second cousin has been highly lauded for making it through college with such a difficult course. Have a plan in mind when you choose your major and try going for high-paying industries such as medicine, aviation, tech and designer disciplines that convert to high-paying jobs at the end of those tough years in college.

2. Learn to network like a pro

This advice is gold when it comes to building your professional career. From seminars, conferences, online assignment help portals to guest lectures, you will find myriad opportunities to hobnob with the industry insiders while in college. Establish a chain of communication with the professionals and academicians in your area to make the most of your acquaintance and camaraderie when the time comes for you to move on to the professional sphere after graduation.

3. Your first interview isn’t your last

Did you just go through a horrific interview experience where mumbling for words was the best you could do after getting tongue-tied with panic? You should learn to let it go in the first place in order to move on to greener pastures. Know how to accept defeat, brush off the dust from your clothes and stand up again when life deals a bad card. It is great to learn from the mistakes and know that your first interview is not the end of the world.

4. Make the most of your internships

While internships in college do not rank high when it comes to fixing the stipend scale for overworked interns across all industries, they are invaluable when it comes to you stocking up on experience. Having worked as an industry intern in your field gives you an extra edge over the others when the time comes for job-hunting. A fulfilling internship experience is thus an additional feather in your cap after graduation.

5. Do not forget to follow up

The reason why you should be taking care of follow up from day one is that the more you practice it, the better you get at it. Move over from sending run-of-the-mill follow up emails and try something new, such as a personalised message in your email highlighting how you benefitted from the interaction and the ways you expect the encounter to take things forward for you when it comes to the professional sphere.

6. Have an untarnished virtual persona

Now that you are about to step into the big, bad world of adults, you should put your best foot forward to let people know that you have the potential to become the employee of the month for their organisations. Employers almost always look up their prospective employees on social media, so maintain a virtual image that you would like to put in front of your (maybe) future boss.

These were the smartest ways that you can prepare for bagging a high-paying job in your industry after graduating from college. With a well worked-out plan and perseverance, you will surely be able to get yourself the job of your dreams if you put your mind to it.

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