Most Valuable Lesson On Campus

The Most Valuable Lesson On Campus

By Scott Gendal, YOUniversityTV – Oh, how times have changed. I am 35 years old, and my best days were spent on my college campus. Everyone has different interests. There are stereotypes of the college experience. According to television and film; drinking, girls, fraternity parties, and sororities are the college dynamic. You know what gets lost in the fray; learning. We go to college to learn. And when I say learn, I mean both mentally, and socially. Yes, I sat in class for hours trying to understand physics. Yes, I studied for hours on organic chemistry. I took midterms. I took finals, and I studied till I saw double. But, the best education I received came from outside the classroom. Interacting with different people, from different states, from different parts of the world were the most valuable pieces to college’s jigsaw puzzle. In college, I had friends who were black, arab, catholic, muslim, and Jewish. We were all there for the same reason, to learn. I learned so much about myself in college. I learned what I enjoyed. I learned how I felt about social issues and where I leaned politically. College is bigger than a keg party. It’s a sociological experiment. You’re under pressure academically and socially, when stressed your quick to find who your true friends are and who your support system is. It’s been 13 years since I was a college student, and I still apply the lessons I learned about myself to this very day. What defines who you are is how you feel. About your friends, family, religion; whatever you hold sacred. I learned all of those lessons on campus as a college student. It’s the most valuable piece of your education, and it’s not found in the classroom. Learning about yourself.


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