Using Twitter To Find A College Roommate

Using Twitter To Find A College Roommate

Thank you Twitter, for helping me find a roommate.

I will admit, I am a procrastinator 12 months out of the year. During the summer, however, I am 10x worse. And that is why last summer, I found myself thinking about how there were only three months until college, and I still hadn’t found a roommate.

Of course, I could have just went with a random. But after my cousin shared stories of his roommate growing marijuana in his dorm room at a different university, I just was not willing to take that chance.

After realizing the predicament I had gotten myself into, I took to the Twittersphere like any other dramatic teenager, to whine about it.

The tweet that changed the next year of my life went along the lines of, “Still haven’t found a roommate.. #SOS #siue18.”

Just like that, the potential of a hashtag was realized.

Kristen, who would become my future roommate, searched the hashtag, found me, and messaged me.

The rest was history.

It ended up being an ideal situation, really. We messaged for a few days, and got to know the basics about each other. We met up twice before school began and decided that we could be roommates.

It was ideal because we knew enough about each other, but not too much.

The girls across the hall from us, who had been best friends for years, hated each other within the first month of living together.

Kristin and I knew enough about each other to be comfortable, but not enough to know everything and get tired of each other’s presence.

As the year went on, we made sure to make time to hang out and have a very open relationship. One of the biggest factors was that we did not hang out with the same friends, so we got time away from each other when it was needed.

And in today’s modern age, we made sure to never commit roommate treason on Twitter: the subtweet.
For those who do not know, a subtweet is typically a tweet complaining about a specific person without mentioning their name.

It is key to avoid this, because the chances that your roommate will forgive you after this are slim to none.

Why would you want to throw away all potential of a good roommate relationship?

By using Twitter for good rather than bad, my roommate situation made that aspect of my freshman year unstressful, fun, and very memorable.

By Laura Wilmes, YOUniversityTV Contributing Student Writer from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

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