Top Study Apps for College Students

We understand that you are a college student or you soon to be. You are on a budget, but you need various tools during your study to assist you through the course. Some of the best things to use are usually very useful such as While others may say that the brain is the only tool to use in your studies, it doesn’t take a lot of efforts to have several software to assist you during your coursework. Therefore, this section will put together some applications that can assist you in your studies. All the listed applications are free although others might have in-app purchase.

ITunes University

This is software that has a variety of curriculum course work from various top universities. This application is only compatible with IOS only.

iStudiez Lite

This free lite version helps manage classes and courses, 15 assignments and holiday periods since you can set the alarms. If you are impressed by the free version, you can go pro and pay $2.99, which eliminates the limits, backup and also other features.

Exam Vocabulary Builder

This application uses a spaced up repetition to assist with retention. Additionally, to search and organize various features. There are some modes that can be used which include Flashcard and Quiz. This application is typically essential to both ENL and ESL students. This application is only compatible with IOS. An Android alternative to the application is GRE Vocabulary Builder

Vocabulary Builder applications are essential when preparing for exams. However, they have a limited number of words. Dictionary .com has 2,000,000 definitions and it is completely free and has word origin and search history. Some of the in-app purchase options include a medical dictionary and encyclopedia among others.


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