Top 7 Challenges Most College Freshmen Face

Transitioning from high school to college is a phase that every student must face at one point in their life. Because of the differences in high school life and college life, the transition comes with a myriad of challenges. Notwithstanding personal problems that anyone may have, there are common problems that every freshmen face. While some of these challenges may be mild, some issues might run deeper and if they fail to attend them in a right way. The following are challenges most college freshmen face.

Time Management

One of the best keys to success in college is time management. All through your life, life from kindergarten to high school, there are scheduled school days that are structured on a portion of time and they remain the same all through the school year. For 12 years in a student’s life, their day is already structured and pre-fixed. Then suddenly, they are thrust into college life that is more flexible and unpredictable. This proves to be very challenging to most freshmen as they do not know how to manage their time to fit in their courses and any other obligations they may have, such as sororities, clubs, sports and part time jobs. The only secret to balance this, is by having excellent time management skills. Also, know when to say no.

Financial Challenges

Unless you are extremely wealthy and can afford to write a personal check, then you will be faced with financial challenges. College life is extremely expensive. Tuition costs are rising at an alarming high rate. Add to the cost of housing, meals, textbooks and transportation then, you know, you really need a lot of money to get through. In addition to all these expenses, you still need to look good, go out with your friends, and furnish your dorm room. Where will the money come from? You can apply for student loans to pay your tuition. Look for accommodation in or near the campus to cut on transportation costs. You can also look for a part time job to ease the financial burden.

Academic Challenges

Academic challenges are always anticipated by a majority of freshmen. What they don’t anticipate, however, is the magnitude of the workload awaiting them. Most freshmen are surprised by the amount of reading and the length of research papers they need to write. In college, there is a lot of reading and need for being prepared for every class beforehand. Even when the professor has not assigned any homework, you still have required readings to keep up with. To help with your homework one can seek help from online essay writing service to boost their academic scores and save time.

Increased Personal Responsibility

In college, an individual is treated like an adult. This means that they are responsible for the actions and decisions that they make. Personal responsibility means that the freshmen must understand that they are untimely responsible for what happens in their life. When you were young, it was easier to put the blame of your failures on your parents and teachers. In college, on the other hand, all your successes and failures are accredited to you. You decide whether or not to pre-register for the courses for the semester, attend class on time, submit your research papers on time, sleep early, etc. As a student, you should take time to plan out your schedule at the beginning of every semester. This will ensure that you develop healthy habits. Take time to memorize when and where your classes are. Make it an obligation to read ahead and prepare efficiently for every class. Also, choose your friends wisely as they type of friends you keep will impact on your academic life.

The Challenge of Balance

Because of the numerous challenges that a freshman faces, there is a need to maintain balance to keep themselves sane. However, even maintaining balance in one’s life seems to be a mere challenge. As a freshman, you will be constantly juggling your academics with your personal life. First of all, you must be aware of everything going on in your life. You need to learn how to be flexible. Schedule time for your academics. Make sure that your social life does not interfere with your academics in any way. Balance your fun time, and your need for sleep. You have to learn how to balance your budget to ensure that you purchase the basics first. Keep in mind, that it is your future you are dangling with. Make wise choices.

Social problems

College life is not only restricted to the classroom. A huge part of the experience that makes it memorable happens outside the class. When you enter college, you begin a new chapter of your life. You will get a roommate that you have never met in your life, you have to make new friends, but worse of all, you begin school at the bottom of the hierarchy as a first year student. Making new friends with your classmates is important because you will need help from fellow classmates in your academics. Friends also come with the peer pressure of engaging in drugs, alcohol and even sex. If you decide to enter into a relationship, make sure that it does not interfere with your classwork. You must learn how to say no and stick to your principles. Learn how to balance time with your friends so that you have some alone time to yourself.


The academic workload, the pressure of making new friends and fitting in coupled with the challenges of independence and responsibility can push one to high stress levels. In 2012, the American College Health Association conducted a research the revealing the result that 30% of undergraduates face stress that influenced their academic results. Similar researches has shown the figures in stress influencing students, the greater part of which were the freshmen. Stress has many negative effects on a student’s life and they must find ways on how to deal with it. Exercise, motivation, talking it out with friends or a counselor are various ways that can all help.

Conclusively, college is an influential time that will shape a student’s future. Colleges have come up with centers to guide students. For instance, for academic problems, you can find help at the college’s academic resource center. For physical and mental health issues, you can get help at the students help center.

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