Top 2018 Best Gadgets for College Students

All those years of hiding behind your daddy and holding your mommy’s finger to head towards your school buses are gone and now you are stepping into a much more practical phase of your life- the college life. As we begin to take our first ever step into the college life, we need to equip ourselves with some gadgets. These gadgets can help us make the most out of our college years. Students who prepare themselves or the year with helpful accessories and valuable gadgets experience lesser issues. We must know what things we need and why we need them. The year 2018 is full of amazing discoveries and inventions. When living in the world full of technology and its advancements why not fill your bag with some handy devices as well. Therefore, the gadgets, which every college student must have, are listed below:

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Kindle is a perfect alternative to heavy notebooks. Those days are gone when you have to carry the load of several books on your shoulder and head to school daily. Now with Amazon Kindle, you can save as many books as you can for your semesters and with a perfect screen having high definition display can read and learn your notes. The device has force sensor that acts according to the pressure exerted by your finger. You can avail the highlighting and saving options too. It is a perfect thing for note taking and for making your assignments. Now, your MS Word, ama citation generator is all in your bag.

Apple Airpods

Are you bored of untangling your headphones? Try Apple Airpods. They are efficient, simple, battery efficient and support both Apple and Android. These headphones are easy to use, simply put them in your ears and they are ready to use. You can even speak on the mic and it delivers clear voice over the other side. Now with Apple Airpods, no need to look weird in fancy coloured headphones. You can brag among your mates and enjoy the super-efficient Airpods at reasonable prices. They are portable and comes with a unique case to avoid any damages.

Motorola G5S Plus

According to the norms and traditions followed by a majority of the parents, students when staring their first year of college are gifted with a smartphone. Therefore, the best gift you can give to your son or daughter is Motorola G5S Plus. The cellphone is famous for its fast speed and less consumption of a battery. It has a decent camera and an easy to handle interface. The cellphone has appreciable storage and performs well on all platforms. Motorola has 5.5 inches screen and a high definition front and camera. The best thing about the cell is that it is highly affordable.

Canon EOS M6

For creative college assignments, you do not need to hang a heavy professional camera on your back. You can buy Canon EOS M6. The camera has 24-megapixel sensors along with efficient Wi-Fi facility. You can click astonishingly amazing and beautiful pictures and let you followers wonder their source. The unique quality about the camera is that it provides interchangeable camera lance features that provide professional quality images. You can enjoy highly detailed results and capture the gems of nature and the world around you.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is something none can ignore or avoid to buy. Nintendo Switch can add an entertainment aspect to your tedious college life. When planning Saturday night with your friends you can stick around your roam if you have this awesome device. Nintendo comes with different ports to connect your television to the gaming device. It supports delivers platforms and enables users to enjoy an engrossing experience. You can easily fit the switch on whichever device you want. Now whether it is your ever-favourite counter strike or the enjoyable Pokémon Go you can make the most out of the device.

HP Sprocket Photo Printer

What could be better than having your photos printed in the next few moments of your click? The HP Sprocket Photo Printer delivers efficient printing facility of images. It provides high definition pictures with flawless print quality. You can check even the smallest details of your clicked picture. There was a time when everybody loves to print the pictures out and create a complete album of every moment. The advent of smartphones has completely wiped off this craze as now users want to save their memories on Google drives and other external devices. However, you can save your moments of college life by getting instant printing option.

Mophie PowerStation Mini

It’s too difficult to recharge your cellphone’s battery while being in the lecture hall. Many students prefer recoding lengthy lectures than writing or copying them. In such times, it’s best to have the Mophie Powerstation Mini that works best on all platform. You can charge your phone whenever you want. It has around three-thousand-mile ampere of battery that is seen in smartphones like iPhone 6 or Galaxy S8. This ultra-efficient power bank is perfect for your college years. It comes at a reasonable price and is reliable as well.


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