Top 10 Secrets for Exam Success

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Many of us would opt out of exams if there were ever the option of doing so. As the examination period approaches, that’s when most students bury themselves in stacks of revision material. All in a rush to prepare for the questions that would come.

Probably, you have noticed that you’re always stressed around the exam period. It shouldn’t be that way. To excel in the examination, you need to prepare and relieve yourself of stress adequately.

It applies to all time-sensitive and pressure scenarios, like when you need personal statement proofread. The following ways will get you there:

1. Start Early

Don’t wait until the last minute to look for the semester notes, and create revision material. You will only increase your anxiety towards the exams. Preparation involves, starting your studies from the first week of that semester.

When the exams come, you will already have a good base to apply.

2. Develop effective study techniques

Most of us have been through a situation where you study using the same methods as others, but get different results in the end. The ways you adopt should be tailored to your learning style. For visual learners, create revision material using visual models and diagrams.

3. Study Groups

Well, you may thrive by studying on your own, but you still need others to go the extra mile. Study groups can be useful especially when you know you need to review, but you aren’t up for it. They are also a source of motivation as you are all working towards the same goal.

Seek help and sharing what you understand may aid in better retention of the information. Just like in Harvard law school personal statement.

4. Past Papers

Going through various previous papers will make it easy for you to recall the stored concepts during the exams. It is the chance to test yourself. Also, you are better prepared on how to respond to exam questions as you familiarize yourself with the possible queries, to come.

5. Organizations

During the exam period, you don’t want to waste any time when you could be reading about a question that will come. By staying organized, you can access your notes and revision material, make good use of your time, and focus on whatever you are going through.

6. Ask For Help

If you don’t understand a particular concept and know someone who does, ask for help. Even if it means, you have to consult with your teachers or professors. It’s the time to ask questions, and when the exam paper is before you, you won’t have that luxury.

7. Deal with Stress

We are all anxious before sitting for an exam. Stress can motivate you, but too much of it will affect your performance negatively. Find time to exercise, take regular breaks, and take some time away from your books.

8. Time Management

People study at different intervals, some for blocks of one hour or less. Do what works for you. Have a study plan, and stick to that routine. Space out your study times to take breaks for re energizing the mind.

9. Adequate Sleep

You don’t need to pull all-nighters to get good grades. Before the exam, get enough sleep. Let your brain rest in preparation for the test. Work on something less stressful, at that time like your law school addendum.

10. Take Your Time

The test paper is before you; everybody seems to be writing something. Take a deep breath and go through the questions, as you fill in the answers. Don’t rush through it.


If you are often anxious during exams, try out the above tips to see improvement and better response towards exams. All the best!


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