Tips That Will Help You to Rock the Finals!

That time of the year is here to haunt us again! Oh yes, finals are here to torture and torment us! So, what is your strategy to prepare for the finals? Try to cram everything in your brain until there is no space left for anything else? Study, study and study in a coffee (caffeine) induced haze? I can bet this method leaves you with nothing more than a measly B!

Here are some great tips for you, just try them out and maybe, this time around you might be able to score an A!

Systematize and organize!

The foremost important thing you need to do is clear and then organize your study area plus your notes. You need a clear space, free of distractions where you can study. Also, you need a clear mechanism identifying all your notes. This will help you to save time you previously used to waste in frantic searches before your exam!

Manage your time!

While cramming may work for a small amount of information, to store a lot of information you need to study in small doses. Plus, crammed information will not stay in your memory for long. You need to establish a study timetable at least three to four weeks prior to your finals, so that you have enough time to learn and review all the concepts. This is a more effective method that will help you to retain a huge amount of information for longer periods of time!

What type of learner are you?

There are three types of learners:

· The auditory learners: These learners learn best by listening. Such learners can listen to tapes of lectures while jogging or even lying in bed. In this way information will be retained in your subconscious!

· The kinesthetic learners: If you learn best by being in motion, you can re-write your notes or read aloud your notes to retain the maximum amount of learning material.

· The visual learners: The best and easiest way to learn for visual learners is to use flash cards. You even color code them to separate them.

Choose your learning style according to your learning type! This will be more effective and productive!

Incorporate some technology!

Nowadays, some really helpful apps are available that can speed up your learning process like StudyBlue, which has flashcards and quizzes and Exam countdown, which helps you to keep track and manage your time.

Just stay focused and remember you can do it!

By Antonio Joseph 


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