Tips To Stay Away From Your Phone While Studying

Social media are one of the biggest addictions of modern times. With the developments of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other apps there is so much to do on the phone. It is so easy to be distracted and even lose track of time. But, the real problem appears when you have to study. That is the time when you need to be completely focused and have all your attention on the books. A single phone call or a click can be huge distractions, so you’re better off without any Internet access. To solve this problem, first, you need to think of what you spend the most time on and eliminate it. Different students have different addictions. Some play games on the phone, others spend hours on Instagram or shopping. These tips below will help you remove all the distractions and be more prepared for the exams.

Limit The Use Of Apps

Thankfully, there is an option on phones that will limit your access to apps on the phone. You don’t even have to be studying to set this into motion. It can be simply a decision that you want to stay away from social media and live a sociable life. Just find the option in the Settings menu and you will feel like a brand new person. Instagram also offers to let you know when you’ve spent a certain amount using their app during the day. You need to think of a time that you want, for example, an hour per day, set it, and you’ll get a notification when that hour has passed. It might not do too much but it will definitely point out your addiction and the fact that you have to gradually lower the exposure.

Use Plane Or Do Not Disturb Mode

These two options on the phone were invented for a reason. When you’re up in the air, people can’t reach you thanks to Airplane mode. The same thing happens with Do Not Disturb. When you’re studying you want all the peace and quiet you can get. That means no phone calls, no emails, messages, or even scrolling on Instagram. When these two modes are no, you will not be connected to the Internet. There’s not much to do on the phone when you have no connection online, except for games. You might want to remove those, and you can install them back once you’ve passed all your exams.

Use Breaks

Before you start, make a plan. This means that you’ll only be able to use your phone on designated breaks. These should be short, and efficient because you should do everything you need during these breaks. It involves going to the bathroom, eating, doing phone calls, and more. In the end, you’ll barely be left with time to go online. That’s the whole point, right?

Put It On Silent

If you are not a fan of DND or Plane mode, you should put the phone on silent. Let your friends and family know that you’ll be studying so that they are not worried when you don’t answer. Also, don’t forget to turn off your Wi-Fi connection or the data. You can even turn off the modem that delivers the internet if it’s in your room and others are not using it.

Hide The Phone

This sounds dramatic, but you can’t be on the phone if you don’t know where it is. Give it to someone and tell them to hide it from you. You can say thanks later!

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