Tips To Surviving Your Freshman Year of College

Congratulations, you have survived High School and are now on the way to being a first time in college freshman. While this is an exciting step forward in life it will also be one of the more stressful steps as the first day of the fall semester draws closer. All of the stress can be avoided by keeping a few things in mind.

Orientation – One of the first things you’ll be required to do at any school is attend a freshman orientation. Orientation will consist of nothing but ice breakers and information sessions. The important thing to remember about orientation is that it is the perfect time to meet new students and lay groundwork for your social network.

Registration – Class registration follows orientation. When registering for classes, it is important to keep class times and professor choice in mind. By this I mean don’t register for an 8 a.m. class 3 days a week if you have trouble waking up every morning. The last thing you want to be spending time doing is paying a couple thousand dollars a semester on nap time. Websites such as rate my professor are a godsend regarding professor choice. The website lets users rate their professors and can give you a good look at how the class is run or the general attitude displayed. All together a 12-15 hour class load is recommended and anything more is overkill.

Get Involved – One of the most important things one can do when going to college is to get involved with the student organizations on campus. Every campus has a unique culture which is only enhanced by the wide variety of organizations offered. Whether it is underwater basket weaving, rugby, marketing, or a Greek organization you’ll be sure to find one that fits you. Joining an organization helps expand your social circle allowing you to make connections that would benefit you later in life.

Striking a balance – One mistake people often make during their freshman year of college, is that they put too much of an emphasis on either academics or leisure time (partying, sports, etc.) One thing that needs to be noted is that it is okay to party and it is okay to focus on your grades. A healthy balance should be made to where you’re spending time doing both.

Stress – Stress is something that you will have to learn to deal with. There is no getting around it. There are; however, plenty of ways to deal with it. Getting plenty of exercise whether it is hitting the gym or just going for a run can help tremendously and keep you healthy (while fighting off the freshman fifteen.) If you have more serious issues you can always hit up your school’s counseling and wellness center to get more professional help if needed.

This is nowhere near a comprehensive guide to surviving your freshman year of college but I guarantee you will be better off if you follow these helpful tips.

By James P Post  


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