Tips for Going to College in a Foreign Country

So, you have decided to go to college in a foreign country. There are lots of benefits, such as some institutions have a very high reputation and you get quite a lot of esteem as a result. Some places are very cheap to attend and live, plus you get to skylark around in another country and live it up without any stories getting back to your family. Here are some tips to help you when you attend your foreign college.

Teach yourself the language as quickly as possible

If you end up going to college in your own country, then have a look for the foreign students who do not know the language very well. There are two varieties: there are the ones that have to learn the language very quickly, study hard and end up doing better than you. And, there are the ones that turn up once per month at most, appear with plaster or grass stains on their shoes, and somehow manage to get great grades on their essays. The first is example is the hardworking foreign student, and the second is someone on a student visa who is illegally working and then using essay writing services to get through college. You have to be the one in the first example, which means you must learn the language as quickly as possible.

Research the area you are living in

This is because the area you are going to live in may have some very weird bylaws or customs and it is advisable that you know about them. The country you are going to may be a Muslim or oppressive country where you need to be covered if you are a woman. The country you are going to may be Christian for the most part, but may have a very strong counter culture in the area you are about to live in. There are many countries that hate America and Americans.

If you go to Anglo-Saxon countries (ones where people talk English) then you will be welcomed, but there may be parts of the country where you are not liked because of what your government did. For example, when the tension between Scotland and America was at its highest because of the Lockerbie bombing, there were certain areas of Scotland where Americans would have had a rough time. Ideally, you need to research the specific area you are going to just to be sure you are going to be okay in that area. For example, if you go to Britain to live in Oxford, then the worst you will get is a drive-by argument, but if you went to live in Moss Side in Manchester England, then you will probably get a drive-by stabbing.

Plan your accommodation months in advance

The last thing you want to do is get to your other country and discover that your accommodation in still being built. The last thing you want to do is end up paying for time in a hostel. There is also a chance that if you do not book your accommodation in advance, that you are going to end up having to pay a lot more. Do not forget that people who live in the country are going to need accommodation too and many of them need only take a drive to the campus or student housing and shake hands with the landlord. You have to book from thousands of miles away and get yourself somewhere that looks good…on the brochure. To save yourself a lot of trouble, you need to get this done as far in advance as you can.

Find out where the other people from your country are

There is a good chance that there are other people from your country going to your college or university in the other country. Try to find out where they are staying. If you are going to an English speaking place then you will be alright.

The British will make you feel welcome, the Australians will love your accent and the Canadians will be polite no matter who you are. But, if you are going to another country with a different language, especially if you are going on a grant you got because too few people go to that country, then you should find out where the other people from your country are going to be. You can stick together if things get rough, or it may just be nice to hear someone with your own accent now and again.

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