Things To Know Before Choosing Your Student Accommodation

Going to college probably means that you’ll have to part with your own room at home. That doesn’t mean you should settle for literally everything. So many students decide to spend their first year in a dorm but want something on the side for the following years. Either way you go, it will be a wonderful experience. All types of student accommodation have their pros and cons. Today we wanted to share all the things you need to know before finding and choosing yours.

Things To Know Before Choosing Your Student Accommodation

The Price Limit

There will be gorgeous places that cost a whole fortune and awful ones that are extremely cheap. Before you even start looking, settle on a budget. Make sure that you think your decision through very well. Even if your parents are paying for it, you don’t want to spend too much on accommodation. It has to be nice, but you don’t need a luxurious spot. Also, don’t even think about moving to the worst place ever only because it’s cheap. You have to get somewhere in between these two and that’s when you’ll find your perfect room, flat, or house.

Read The Contract

Not everyone has the best intentions, you should already know that by now. Your landlord and you should sign a contract, which states that you’ll be renting the place. Other information that has to be on there is the price and other fees. Read it well, from beginning to end, making sure that you understand everything. Very often, landlords can add the strangest, most unexpected fees, which are hidden somewhere in the contract. While you’re a student you can use every dollar you can get, so these expenses are not what you want to be hit with. If you have someone who is a lawyer and knows more about the law, you can always go through the contract together with them, to make sure that everything is done properly.

Things To Know Before Choosing Your Student Accommodation

Campus Can Be Great

The campus is the best option for first-year students. The pros of this choice are more numerous compared to the cons. First of all, you will live so close to the college that you won’t need to think about transportation. The second factor is the social one. You will meet so many amazing students, most of which will be your friends for a very long time. It is also one of the cheapest forms of student accommodation. When you pay for the campus, in most cases you also cover the costs for electricity, water, and more. You don’t get that when you move into a flat. At the same time, you’ll always be surrounded by other students who can help you out while studying. You will have a roommate and learn how to live with other people.

Be Flexible

Unless you have an unlimited budget, you have to be really flexible. Student dormitories are very much requested, so if they are your top choice, you have to react fast. The moment you decide which type of accommodation is best for you, start looking for one. It is really important that you do this in time because later it can be impossible to get a decent place. Another thing to think of is the people you want to live with. Not everyone is perfect, but there are habits from others that can be so annoying to you. If your best friend has any of those, you might want to reconsider if you want to live in the same room with them. You can be very good friends with someone and still not be able to live in the same house.

Things To Know Before Choosing Your Student Accommodation


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