The Student Ambience: Apartment Incorporated with Motivation

Let’s face it! When being a student, you spend most of your time in your apartment or dorm room whether you like to admit it or not. It’s not just a place where you can sleep and socialize, but most importantly, study as well. Since many experts claim that the student ambience could influence your achievement and academic success, it would be of great importance to start making changes in your environment. No matter how small your apartment or dorm room is, it’s still possible to transform it into modern space incorporated with motivation and productivity.


Don’t neglect the power of colors…

Colors are a powerful tool that can help you to visually expand the space. So, when choosing the right paint for your walls, opt for light and neutral colors such as white or cream. They will make your ceilings appear much higher and room more spacious. You can also achieve this visual effect by hanging vertically striped wallpapers in retro style on a wall or two.

However, colors also have the power to influence your mood, feelings and behavior. Therefore, consider incorporating red, orange or yellow details into your small space in order to make the most of it. Red stimulates our minds and energy, orange evokes warmth, while yellow may increase memory, concentration and motivation. However, excessive amounts of each of these colors can have negative effects, so make sure you don’t overdo it.


…Or the power of light


According to numerous studies, exposure to natural light improves sleep quality, increases physical activity and boosts concentration among office workers. However, students can also benefit from these findings. So, if you want to be alert, refreshed and motivated while studying, make sure you don’t cover your windows with dark and cumbersome window furnishings. Instead, let plenty of natural light into your student place by installing as simple window furnishing as possible.

When it comes to decorative lighting, the cheapest, yet highly modern and popular way to add a touch of chic into your student ambiance is to get some fairy or string lights. You can either hang them above the bed or wrap them around its frame, but anyhow, it’ll turn your dull cubicle into modern apartment/dorm room.


Get rid of all unnecessities


It’s been proven that cluttered environment has a negative impact on our concentration and productivity. It obviously makes people confused and distracted. For this reason, you should stop piling up the stuff that you haven’t used for quite some time. If you lack storage space, you should invest in floor to ceiling cabinets or secure mobile self storage and keep your apartment/dorm room clean and organized.

In order to boost your productivity and get better grades, you should also keep your desk clear from all those piles of paper. The study has shown that every one of us wastes approximately 4.3 hours on weekly basis searching for papers, which certainly leads to stress and frustration. So, the clearer your desk is, the more productive you’d be.


Pay attention to furniture


Small places such as students’ rooms and apartments furnished with bulky furniture can seem cluttered no matter what. And there’s no need to explain again how clutter can influence your achievements. So, stick to the furniture that visually takes less space. Armchairs with exposed legs or coffee tables with glass tops, for example.

Also, with aim to decrease the amount of necessary furniture, make sure to purchase those pieces that can have a double duty. For instance, desk can serve as a dining table, bench can serve as a coffee table, etc.


Embrace the greenery


Incorporating a little bit of greenery into the student ambience is highly recommended for many reasons. You should place a couple of potted plants around your apartment/room and let them clear the air from all the toxins. If you’re lazy, consider plants that don’t require frequent watering.

On the other hand, the studies have revealed that only a couple of green potted plants in the office can increase the attendance and productivity. So, you can’t go wrong with greenery as long as you keep your plants alive.


Add your personality


When you move from your family home, you understandably wish to make your new place more personal and home-like. And this is the part of decoration where you can do whatever you want. For example, it would be nice to exhibit printed photos that remind you of family, friends and experiences.

But, what will undoubtedly increase your motivation is making a board with things that remind you of your past success, such as diploma or competition awards. However, the board should also include things that represent your future goals and keep you concentrated and motivated.

As you can see, only a few simple changes can fill your apartment/dorm room with motivation and productivity. Just don’t be lazy to make them.


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