The Question We All Think about: Is College Worth It

Are you preparing to join college? It comes at the expense of finding ways to finance your studies. A study by Pew Research Center shows that over 70% of Americans see paying for a college education, as expensive.

Ina survey by NBC and Wall Street Journal to gauge the level of faith that people have in college education shows, a whopping 47%, do not believe that college is worth it. Many of those who held the belie fare those who dropped out of school, went through a 2-year program or didn’t attend college at all. Getting college education gains you knowledge and experience on different issues, e.g., essay writing service UAE.

However,recent data shows that there is an increase in the level of student debts in America. It is now at $1.4 trillion, i.e., an amount higher than what we owe on car loans and credit cards. Though many believe that a college education will earn you a good job, a study by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, on National Financial Capability in 2016, shows that; 53% of those with student loans would change their borrowing decisions in the past, given a chance.

What are the benefits of a College education?

Increased chance of employment

The Burning Glass Technologies released a report that addresses the issue of a college degree and the workforce. In this study, it shows an increase in the number of employers who recruits new workers using college education as the rule of thumb.

It is what Economists refer to as “degree inflation,” which is a common trend in the job market in America.

Improved earnings

While not all graduates gain meaningful employment straight from college;having a college degree is shown to improve one’s earnings.According to Rafiq Dossani, Director at RAND, on average, the real rate of return on an annual basis, on a college degree, is 7%. That’s after adjusting it for opportunity costs.

Compared to high school graduates, men and women can earn over $500000 more,in a 40-year work life. It is enough motivation to keep looking for an essay writer help as you keep going with your college program.

Higher likelihood to receive retirement benefits

To live your old age days with relative financial freedom, you need to have a substantial retirement benefits package. Well, you don’t want to have to work even in the prime of your years, you need to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Are port by the College Board, released in December 2016 reveals that,in the year 2015, full-time workers in the private sector, 52% of them receivedretirement benefits package compared to those without a degree.

Having high student loans is problematic to students during their programs even after graduation. It can lead to stress and also affect one’s performance in their academics. Due to the highcost of college education,many may opt to forgo getting a degree.

It may get to a point where an individual chooses to get a low-quality education so as not to incur the high student debt. However, the benefits of getting college education outweigh its cost.


If you choose to pursue a degree; ensure that you follow through to the end of the program and finally graduate. Dropping out will lead to crippling you financially, especially if you have taken a loan. If possible as you seek essay about UAE help,find other ways to help you finance your education.

Tothe Question, is college worth it? I leave it to you after readingthrough the article.


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