The Opportunity of Studying Abroad

The Opportunity of Studying Abroad

By Maria Fernanda Rada, YOUniversityTV Student Contributing Writer from Lynn University — Seven years from now, some of your best college memories may be of journeys you took off campus. Picture yourself on a beach, enjoying tropical drinks with your best friends from the dorm driving cross country with the windows down and the music turned up, creating your own montage of carefree adventure; sipping coffee in a Paris sidewalk cafe, flipping through an impressively  intellectual text before your afternoon class. I have lots of friends from college that made this wanted experiences a reality, and you can, too.

Many universities offer study abroad programs to give their students a hands on experience of how it is to live and study in a different culture.  I interviewed a few friends from my university’s 2015 program. Shelby chose Italy because she wanted to know where his dad was raised. This is what she said about her experience: “Before I went, I was only interested in the American college existence: partying, getting by, attending football games. After I got back, I wanted to lean more, to be more”.

When you go to school overseas, you get a better perspective on the world. It’s not just what you see on the news anymore. It is actually living highs and lows and solving problems and being responsible with people who do things differently. Jonathan Giftos, a Boston College Senior expressed this experience like this: “ I got involved in service work, traveling to other countries. I’ve been to Mexico and down south to North Carolina for Habitat for Humanity. That’s defined my college career, my transformation. It gave me a better appreciation for my position in the world and at the same time for others in the world who don’t have as much as I do.  It’s been an enlightening experience. If you don’t take advantage of “terms abroad” program who will miss out a phenomenal opportunity.


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