The Greatest Apps for Teaching Students English

In a world of digital learning, great apps exist for all kinds of students and for all ages. Language learning is one of the sectors that have benefited extensively from modernization.

While the classroom experience and the direct contact with students is an incredibly important part of the process, you can benefit from the new opportunities that have to come to the spotlight over the past few years. Language apps offer an interactive approach and enable students to focus on the areas that they find most challenging.

Without further ado, here are some of the greatest apps you can use for the purpose of teaching students English.


Many teachers report this is one of the most amazing apps when it comes to learning English. The app is especially great for people who are attempting to master English as a second language because it demonstrates real-life applications of English phrases.

The premise of FluentU is that it takes real videos from the web and adds interactive captions to them. In addition, the app offers in-context definitions of the phrases that students are unfamiliar with.

There are many YouTube and other online videos that come with subtitles. The difference between them and the ones offered by FluentU is that they give context and vocab suggestions for even more enhanced language mastery.

FluentU can be tried for free and it also comes with a free basic version. Other packages are available, ranging in price from eight to 18 dollars per month.


Essay writing is never an easy task, especially if you lack the vocab to express your thoughts in the best possible manner. Learning the different English phrases and the dozens of words that have slightly different meanings can be a giant task. Luckily, an app exists for this purpose.

MyWordBook is an app developed by the British Council and Cambridge University Press. It’s available for both iOS and Android devices for free. The purpose of the app is to give students access to vocab packs and word-learning cards that can be downloaded and stored for use later on.

Apart from the word-learning flashcards, students also gain access to sounds, pictures and examples of how each word can be used in a sentence. Translations and notes are also available to increase clarity even further.

The basic version features one basic, one intermediate and one advanced word pack. Additional thematic packs can be purchased to expand the language-teaching potential of MyWordBook.


Another free and high quality app, Duolingo is particularly beneficial for people who are attempting to master English as a second language.

Duolingo can be used for the purpose of improving reading, listening and speaking skills. There are lessons, each one filled with dozens of examples, as well as challenges students can rely on to test their knowledge.

Additionally, the Android and iOS app comes with in-lesson grading that delivers immediate feedback, a streak count aimed at boosting student motivation and downloadable lessons that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Currently, Duolingo is available with English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Turkish, Swedish, Polish, Norwegian, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian and Swahili lessons.

SpeakingPal English Tutor

Many people who aren’t native speakers find it most difficult to master conversations in English. SpeakingPal English Tutor can help students overcome such challenges.

A recipient of the most innovative language learning app award, this one comes with speech recognition technology and an array of scenarios for having a conversation. Role-playing and mini lessons are also available to boost the practical appeal of the app even further.

SpeakingPal English Tutor provides immediate feedback to students and an array of quizzes. Videos recorded by native speakers are also there to give listeners a better idea about the perfect pronunciation.

A few additional extras include video dialogues, translation to various languages (Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Russian, Hebrew, Romanian, etc.) and lessons created by a dedicated team of linguists.


While other aspects of learning English have been touched upon, we haven’t discussed grammar yet. One of the best apps for overcoming the challenges of English grammar is GrammarUp.

The app comes with a free trial version and a full version worth 4.99 dollars.

There are various lessons dedicated to different parts of the speech – adjectives, adverbs, conditionals, conjunctions, etc. Once a lesson is completed, students will have to do a brief test that will solidify the knowledge acquired.

The multiple choice quiz system features over 20 grammar topics and more than 1,800 questions. Apart from putting a primary emphasis on grammar, GrammarUp can also be utilized by students who want to improve their word choices in everyday English conversations.

After the completion of each test, the app will provide detailed results and explanations. Students will get a test score, the list of questions that they answered correctly and the ones that they mistook.

GrammarUp also comes with a cool progress meter that comes in the form of a bar chart. It is modified every single time that the app user takes a test.

These are just a few of the smart language learning options out there. The market has a lot more to offer. Anyone interested in learning English proficiently can do a bit of research or talk to a teacher about the selection of the right smartphone app. The interactive approach makes it much easier to internalize knowledge acquired in the classroom and to understand the vast range of real-life applications of English.


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