The Best Clubs and Organizations on Campus

The Best Clubs and Organizations on Campus

By Maria Fernanda Rada, YOUniversityTV Student Contributing Writer from Lynn University

One of the most diverse, interesting and innovative clubs in college is the school’s newspaper. At Lynn University, our school’s newspaper is called the IPulse. Being part of the newspaper allows you to write, edit and produce multimedia content for a number of campus publications. What is specially fun about being part of IPulse is that you can write about anything you like; and your article, photos or video will be published in the daily print, and online platforms. There are different beats or categories, which you can choose. Beats include: Entertainment. Sports, Pop Culture, Life on Campus, How To articles, Politics, Economics, International and anything you would like to add with your writers team.

The IPulse is not only a club, but it is also offered as a class for journalism or media students. The club/class helps you understand the structure and rules of the typical newspaper article.

On top of writing articles, the newspaper team also makes videos. Making videos was my favorite part of being part of the club. The professor sets you up with a group of 4 to 5 students and together you must research current events and come up with an idea of how you will do the video, what prompts you will use, how long the duration of the video will be, who will be the host, and who or what will be interviewed or featured. You must also come up with a script prior to the production and editing of the video.

Some of the funnest videos I have created where “The Making of The New Marlin’s Stadium in Miami, The Annual Fashion Show, and the development of the 2012 Presidential Debate which happened at Lynn in 2012.

I think IPulse is one of the best clubs to join because it gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in different events. that shape our community. They also give you the option of producing either local (things that happen around town), state (music festivals, conventions and what not) or even national (political debates) or international events (the Olympics).

It is fun and rewarding to see your written words on the next morning paper on the school’s app and on the school’s website. Everyone in school reads the paper, so you have good exposure.


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