Teens Want Bernie Sanders As President, Expect Trump to Win

Teens Want Bernie Sanders As President, Expect Trump to Win

By Steve Conklin, YOUniversityTV – In a recent poll conducted by Fuse Marketing, if teens could vote for a President today, Bernie Sanders would run away the election. Sanders grabbed half of the votes compared to Hilary Clinton (17%), Donald Trump (14%), Ted Cruz (13%), and John Kasich (6%).  So, undoubtedly, teens are ‘Feeling the Bern” but that’s not who they expect to be the next President. While only 14% of teens surveyed would vote for Donald Trump, 43% expect that he will be elected. Trump’s media savvy and teens’ media consumption are likely the reasons. Earlier this month, the media tracking firm mediaQuant estimated that Trump has earned $1.8 billion in free/earned media across print, broadcast, social and digital. He receives far more coverage than any other candidate, including twice as much as the second most visible candidate Hillary Clinton.

The survey also focused on other broad issues. Teens feel that guns, education, and war are the social issues that will become greater priorities. But teens are almost seven times more likely to list gun violence, eight times more likely to list war, and three times more likely to list education as among the most important problems compared to voting-eligible Americans. They also indicated that political engagement could decline with the election of a President who they view as unfavorable.

Only Slightly More Politically Engaged

About 66% of teens indicated that they would be very likely to vote if able in this year’s election, making them only moderately more politically engaged than the general population (60% of the American voting population voted in the last three Presidential elections).

Teens’ political views are another example of Gen Z continuing to demonstrate a growing independence versus Millennials.

Millennials Believe Presidential Candidates Ignore Them

The vast majority of recent college graduates believe that the current presidential candidates are not talking about the issues that matter most to them, according to a new survey of millennials by GenFKD, a non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting economic understanding and financial literacy to college students and recent graduates.

Millennials account for 36 percent of eligible voters, the largest demographic in the 2016 election, according to ThinkProgress.  Despite their voting power, 86 percent of those 18 to 34 say this year’s presidential candidates are not addressing them or their key issues they care most about.

– Jobs and economic growth (19%)
– Climate change (14%)
– Health Care (11%)
– Student Debt (10%)

“It is very disappointing that the presidential candidates are ignoring a vital demographic group and the issues that matter most to millennials,” said Justin Dent, president and co-founder of GenFKD. “With an uncertain economy and international instability, millennials are more engaged than ever in the upcoming election, yet they are left out of the discussion.”

Candidates could be focusing too much supporting special interest groups while Millennials are feeling left out.

“Millennials are clearly concerned about the economy they will inherit, and the opportunities available to them,” said Christopher Koopman of the Mercatus Institute at George Mason University.   “Unfortunately, political candidates have a strong incentive to support special interests over the causes that matter most to young people. There is a danger in doing that because millennials are concerned, active, and engaged.”


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