How to Be a Successful Student: Forming Good Study Habits

How to Be a Successful Student: Forming Good Study Habits

Going to university can be an immense privilege for most young adults. Learning how to be a successful student is all about forming good study habits. The social life that comes while attending university can be extremely distracting, however. You need to first form your studying habits before you can learn how to balance work and play.

Learning how to be a successful student is not difficult. The first aspect that you need to take into consideration is the fact that university studies are very different from that of school studies. You may have to adjust the way in which you used to work in order to account for these changes. Forming good study habits, like the following, could be the answer that you are looking for:

    1. Plan your schedule: having a schedule can help you to be more organised and stay on track. Choose a certain time to study. Remember that your university schedule will not require you to be at lectures the whole day, every day. This means that you do not necessarily always have to study and do assignments at night. Set up a schedule that incorporates all of your subjects and appropriate times to get the work done within. It is important to include breaks in your schedules, especially during exams. Your brain will need a break from time to time!
    1. Do the most difficult task first: even if you are a boffin, you may struggle with some of the assignments. It is best to do the ones that will take you the most time, or that are particularly difficult, first. If you do not, you will be sitting staring at the assignment, tired and despondent after all of the “easy” work that you did first.
    1. Ask for help: just because you are attending university does not mean that you cannot ask for help. If you are particularly struggling with an assignment, ask for the assistance of one of your classmates. Alternatively, you can go to your lecturer and ask them to clarify anything that you did not fully understand in the lectures.
    1. Rule out distractions: cell phones, tablets and other media devices can be distracting when trying to focus. With regard to your cell phone, try to switch if off or put it on silent. If you want to go to the extremes, you can tell your friends the times that you will be studying and ask them not to bother you. When you do decide to take a break, stay away from the tablets and social media sites that you use. You will get distracted and probably not continue with your studying.
  1. Reward yourself: set yourself a goal that you need to achieve. It will keep you focused. Remember to give yourself a reward of some description once you have reached that goal!

With a strong studying foundation, you will be able to conquer your university degree with ease whilst still enjoying the social life that comes with it as well.

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By Kenneth Nel

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