The Pros and Cons of Paying College Athletes

The Cons of Paying College Athletes The main reason why paying college athletes still isn’t legalized is because of the strong stand of the spirit of amateurism against the idea. Most traditionalists would also argue that college sports exist not so the athletes could gain profit, but to foster the true meaning of sportsmanship between colleges. Involving money in the equation for the players’ participation would debase the essence of amateurism. Another big problem with the idea is its mere “unfairness” to less popular sports that acquire little to no revenue, and of course to the colleges with lesser funds. Who would be responsible for paying the students in this case? And what system will be used; do athletes with better performance get more pay than other members of the team? These things and a lot more only would result to many complexities, and thus, paying college athletes might indeed just deviate the students from what they went to their respective institutions in the first place, that is, to get a degree, not to gain a salary.

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By Jane Dabad