The Pros and Cons of Paying College Athletes

The Pros of Paying College Athletes In this age where social media is the king, making a profit out of sports is even a more ludicrous pursuit. Schools are actually making more money than ever from the revenues of televised college sports, especially the most popular men’s football and basketball. However, the athletes involved in these games – the reason why sporting shows are such a hit in the first place – are not getting more than their scholarship grants; it is not even enough to cover for all their expenses; tuition, food, board, travel, books, and others. They have no other means to compensate for this need since sport practices take up all of their time after their academic responsibilities. Paying college students, a little extra, would actually go a long way, especially for the ones belonging to a family with low income. If this point would be considered it might help to finally stop the abuses happening behind the scenes; abuses such as interested parties (i.e. recruiters) offering the athletes special “privileges” for favors as to how they wanted games to turn out. Shady business, yes, but it happens.

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