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Plagiarism Accusations Repercussions and How to Avoid It-10 Must-Know Things

Creating original work has never been easy. Therefore, it’s advisable to follow correct procedures on how to borrow ideas from other authors for one’s use. Direct copying of existing pieces of work is fraud. This action results in plagiarism.

Learners and business clients are advised to make use of proofreading services UK to eliminate such instances of plagiarism. It’s a serious crime that comes with massive consequences. Here are all you need to know about this fraud. Take note!

Instances of Plagiarism where you may need to rephrase

1. Copying Existing Work without Permission

When you decide to copy work from an author and publish it as your own without even his/her consent is an offense. Here it means that, copying everything and claiming to be yours while it’s not. In many instances, you can copy a few words here and there, and this may not be a bit of a problem.

2. Stealing Ideas and Presenting as Original Work

You can borrow ideas from a source and credit it. It shows that you don’t acknowledge them as your original thinking. It is safer unlike literally presenting someone else’s ideas and lying about it.

3. Copying Sentence Structures and Replacing Words

This act is an instant of plagiarism where someone decides to replace words with synonyms yet presenting the same sentence structures. It makes paragraphs appear just like in the source.

Avoid Consequences of Plagiarism using Proofreading Services

4. Copyright Violations Laws

It is hard to escape legal actions against the theft of someone’s work. All authors have a right to sue any plagiarist and strict measures taken on them. Also, copyright policies protect them, and hence it becomes difficult to evade such legal repercussions.

5. It Destroys Academic and Professional reputation.

For learners, chances of expulsions from your learning institutions are high. You should be grateful if you happen to get a suspension only. In this case, you can still fix your life to some extent.

As for business clients, professional life gets ruined. In worse case scenarios, one may be asked to step down from whatever job positions.

Ways of Curbing Plagiarism, Use of Proofreading Services and Simple Copying Hacks

6. Use of Effective Synonym Tools

Automatically generated synonyms help replace words used so that you get something different. For any detected synonym, replacement takes place immediately. Thus, it takes a shorter time to make necessary changes when proofreading work.

7. Use of Paraphrasing Generators

For any work done especially those re-written, it’s best to send them to a reputable proofreading service company for review. They help eliminate various typing errors and majorly, plagiarism. They use superior generators such as a sentence rephraser to make your work different from the source.

8. Use of Experienced Professionals

For instance, you have to provide citations and references where necessary. You may not know how and where to acknowledge the sources of your work. Thus, it’s best to let a qualified professional from a proofreading service company to handle it.

Most of these service companies have experienced proofreaders who know what precisely to do.

9. Read Widely on a Given Topic

It’s the best trick to avoid this offense. Try to get ideas from several sources and hence writing them down becomes simpler.

10. Try to Summarize Work

Write down key points and brief notes for better understanding. This act will be of good help when producing your copy.

Closing Tip for Making Work Plagiarism-Free using Synonyms

Always use your thoughts and conclusions when doing research or any assignment. Be a comprehensive reader and researcher for you to beat plagiarism checkers and thus to avoid unnecessary repercussions.


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