NYU Study Abroad: My Week in Shanghai

NYU Study Abroad: My Week in Shanghai

By Meghan Murphy, NYU Admissions Department — Last week I found myself on a plane to Shanghai a couple days after finishing up the review process for freshman applicants here in New York. To say I was excited to travel to China to see NYU Shanghai for the first time would be an understatement (my colleague and I had a countdown on his phone for months!) and the experience did not disappoint.

A highlight to any experience I’ve had as a counselor at NYU is the interaction I get to have with both current and prospective students and those I met at NYU Shanghai were incredibly engaged and enthusiastic. The students, faculty, and staff on this campus have created a tight-knit and open community where individuals are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zones and experience something new in an effort to learn more about themselves and one another. As impressive as their community is, the brand new space in which they get to create this community, is equally notable. Our building holds classrooms and labs, performing arts spaces, study areas, various offices dedicated to student life, a cafeteria and café, game room, and even a place where students can take a quick nap between classes. Everything you need is there for you with plans for even more to come in the future.

Whether it be taking a course in an area they might not be familiar with, starting a new club, volunteering in the community, securing an internship, planning study abroad, exploring the city, or trying a new food these students go all in and the spirit was contagious! Seeing how these students are embracing their experience inspired me to make the most of my time in Shanghai and if my week there is any indication of what their life is like it would be an incredible four years!

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